Sunday, February 17, 2013

Showcase: FoW M10 Achilles

I finished painting two M10c Achilles Tank Destroyers for my 11th. Armoured Division squadron. The models were painted in a similar manner to the Open Fire Shermans I have already painted. These models were a lot of fun to paint and have been quite successful on the tabletop so far. More photos after the jump.

The M10s have been very effective in the games I have used them in. In a game against 1000 points of Tigers they managed to destroy five Tigers. They didn't fare quite as well in a Tank Aces game last week. Here is a great propaganda film showing the M10 in training exercises. Note how the turret is turned backwards as it travels crosscountry.

These are the first resin/metal/plastic models I have painted from Battlefront. Assembly was really easy. The resin is very hard and has a good amount of detail. The machine gun and tracks are plastic, the barrel and counter weights are metal, and the hull and turret are resin. Assembly took only thirty minutes or so. The plastic tracks are nice. My only complaint is how easily the metal barrel bends and the lack of detail on the faces of the metal crew.

I painted these models by airbrushing the hulls first and then painting the rest of the details by hand. I used decals from Dom's Decals again. I painted the crew separately then popped them in. I added a bit more detail to the scratches by adding some highlights to the scratches using a pale olive colour (Reaper Master Series). I added soot to the barrel using the airbrush. I will probably still add a little more weathering once I get a Tamiya Weathering Master set.

I recently borrowed a great book from the library, "The British Tommy: D-Day to VE-Day" by Jean Bouchery. It has some great information on markings, tank numbers, equipment and divisional organization. Fortunately it confirmed that the S prefix is used for the war department numbers for self-propelled guns (which I assume would include tank destroyers as they are self propelled anti-tank). I was a bit unsure about the 33 or 30 for the bridging weight. The standard M10 is 29 or 30. The 17 pounder gun weighs more so I went with the 33, as Dom's Decals lists on the decal sheet for the bridging numbers.

I also adjusted a few pictures to be black and white to see how they compare to period pictures. I'd like to take a few outside with suitable scenery too. I just need to think of some good locations and get some decent weather.

I have some work to do to get to my five painted models and four blog posts for this month. I have a few more blog entries on airbrushing tips coming up. Thanks for visiting.

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