Tuesday, March 26, 2013

15mm Fences

This week I built and painted some fences for Flames of War. I recently purchased a Citadel Battlemat, so I decided to build some scenery to fill it up. These fences are built using matchsticks, thin balsa wood, and tongue depressors (large popsicle sticks). In total there are about 6 feet (a little under 2m) of fencing. The bases were flocked with Army Painter Green static grass, Woodland Scenics clump foliage, burnt grass and a yellow static grass. I also added Army Painter winter grass clumps and flowers.

At one point I had 17 sections in total. Unfortunately they all blew off of my patio during a wind storm. Many of them were damaged and soggy from the wet weather. Now, 12 sections are completed and intact.

With some Open Fire paratroopers for scale.

Finally, here is a picture of my table and terrain so far. I finished up a few pieces at the same time. Check back in the next few days for posts on the hills, forests, and train tracks. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Very nice! Shame about that wind.

  2. Thanks Peter. It is kind of funny now but I was pretty annoyed at the time!

  3. They look great - and dead simple to do by the looks of it too!

    How are light fences like thhis treated rules-wise? Do they count as a linear obstacle (not much of an obstacle to anthing) or are they more decorative?


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