Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hills and fortifications

I've built and completed two hills for use in 28mm and 15mm games. Shockingly, these are actually the first hills I have built since I was 13 or so. I think I had some tiered styrofoam hills I painted green. These hills are a little better. The small hill is styrofoam based on an Open Fire cardboard woods. The large hill is pink foam based on some hardboard. Both were cut to shape, covered with PVA and ballast, painted and flocked.

There isn't really too much else to say about these. I built them for Flames of War with the idea that they could be used for other scales as well. I built on of the hills with some fortifications to allow anti-tank teams, tanks, and artillery to hold a prepared position. This might make life a bit more difficult for my tank companies, but c'est la vie.

These were pretty straight forward to build. I glued styrofoam and pink foam to a base and then cut it to shape using a large bread knife and an exacto knife. I built the entrenched positions using some balsa and then used PVA and ballast to harden the styrofoam and add texture.

Tomorrow the scenery frenzy will continue! I have three woods to share and then later this week I'll include some more pictures of my finished train tracks. Finally, here is a picture of my 11th. Armoured Division squadron so far. I have three Stuart jalopies almost finished and another 10 armoured vehicles in progress. Check back soon for more painted models and terrain!


  1. Thanks Admiral Drax! I have a few more on the way. I just need to paint the crews for some turretless stuarts and they are finished.

  2. My current intermittent project is my 25pdrs and my 6pdrs. I started the 25pdrs ages ago but thy're really bloomin' fiddly to paint. The 6pdrs, on the other hand, are practically whizzing along by comparison!

    What rules are you using? - the cheapskate version 3 downloaded pdf like me, or have you got the new(ish) book? I'm saving up for it when they release them separately, under the possibly misguided idea that there's an 11AD list in it...

  3. I've just been using the easy army pdf ( for market garden. It is a good list with the AT15 fireflys and m10s. I am planning to get the Market Garden book though.

  4. Two more daft questions if I may please:

    1) What do you use to base your scenery and does it ever warp? and
    2) what size trees are they?

  5. Err...sorry - you already kind of answered (1)...

  6. The bases for these were the open fire cardboard scenery. I usually use hardboard, although it is hard to cut. It warps sometimes, but not too badly. The trees are from the old citadel set. I think the biggest is about 5" high.


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