Thursday, March 14, 2013

Painted Wirbelwinds

Just a quick post to show some completed Wirbelwinds. These models were painted for a commission. The client requested just a basic paint job and didn't want any decals or weathering. The models are Battlefront's Wirbelwinds. Assembly and painting were fairly straightforward. Some of the parts are a bit fiddly (like the back fenders) but there wasn't too much flash to clean up. I painted the guns separately  The crew are molded into the turret. I painted the crew heads on the metal sprues and then glued them on after.

The wirbelwinds are a late war German anti-aircraft unit. The main chassis is a Panzer IV J tank with a different turret and gun. In game they are useful for anti-aircraft and as an armoured machine gun platform for attacking light vehicles and infantry.

I painted the dunkelgelb using Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow (through the airbrush). The tracks I painted Vallejo Model Air Burnt Umber and the drybrushed VMA Gun Metal and washed with Devlan Mud.

I've been working some more on different methods for painting disc camouflage. I decided to paint two of the samples as if they were finished to see how they looked.
Method 1: I kind of like this as the spots are distinct and the pattern will be easier to see on the 15mm tanks. I think I would use a single hole stencil to spray more dots in between some of the ones painted through the larger stencil I made.
Method 2: For this one I cut out the holes and sprayed the yellow through. At this scale I think it is a bit hard to see the pattern though. Thoughts?


  1. I think you are right. Method 1 will show up better at that small scale, but is there a way to soften the edges of each circle so they don't look like polka dots? Method 2 would be awesome on a nice big FW flyer or Super heavy.

  2. Zab-Good point. I will have to think about that. I thought the weathering would tone it down a bit. Once my panthers arrive (PSC) I will try it on some of the extra hulls. I'd like to try some of these patterns on some huge 40k tanks now. I'd like to do a modern urban disruptive pattern too. Now that I have been painting WW2 models it seems a bit crazy to paint 40k tanks bright red and blue and things!

  3. Method two is how i would approach it, but then i usually paint at 28mm scale..

  4. The wirbelwinds are good. However, for me, it brings back terrible memories of days spent cleaning and redetailing the seperate "Panzer IV" tracks. I must have gotten unlucky with my boxset. I'm sure that the client will be happy and that it will fit in nicely with his existing force. Good to see you detailing your experiments into various camo schemes and I think either would work well. I have my own ideas for something similar in the future and it's been handy to look at this. I would never have thought to use a hole punched stencil.

  5. These tracks were not too bad. My Stuarts' tracks were terrible though. I ended up trimming the tracks down and resculpting parts of them with a metal file. The flash and mould slip was so big.

    Have you built/painted any of the PSC models? They are much nicer to assemble. I have some shermans that I should finish painting soon.

  6. Nice work. I think version 1 works better of the two at 15mm, but I'm no expert.

  7. Thanks Drax. I think I will experiment on a few hulls and see how it looks.

  8. there are somewhere on ebay disc pattern templates at 1/48 scale. I think they could work on 1/100 models because they will give an idea of the pattern without making the model "too busy"if it really were to be at the same scale


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