Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tutorial: "Corn Chip" German Camouflage

In this article I will show you how I did a quick test of the "corn chip" camouflage shown on the Flames of War website. I hadn't realized until after I had done it that this was an attempt to recreate "disc" camouflage.

Disc camouflage was painted by laying a set of interlocking discs over a soft edged camouflage pattern and then spraying the dunkelgelb base over top to create the pattern. Here are a few pictures of the disc camouflage scheme.

-Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Russian Green
-VMA Burnt Umber
-Tamiya XF-60
-painters tape (masking tape)
-UHU sticky tack
-exacto knife

I made some test schurzen from plasticard and based them in Tamiya XF-60 (dunkelgelb).

I made a mask from masking tape using an exacto knife. I then made the corn chip shapes by cutting out small pieces of masking tape.

I sprayed VMA Russian Green over the whole thing (note, I masked the areas after painting them green). I then masked off some of the areas with sticky tack.

Next, I airbrushed the other areas with VMA Burnt Umber.

Remove the masks and then carefully remove the small chips using an exacto knife.


Overall, I would say this method is alright. It does give a unique pattern and does superficially recreate the disc pattern. To improve, I would use more chips (there should be one for each disc edge) and give the chips rounded edges like the light shapes in the picture above. 

In the next few days I will have some short step by step tutorials on doing basic three colour disruptive camouflage and some different ways to do disc camouflage.

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Tutorials for painting German camouflage:

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