Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Showcase: Jagdpanther 302

A friend asked me to paint a Flames of War Jagdpanther up for him. The Jagdpanther is a tank destroyer built on the panther chassis. In Flames of War it is a formidable adversary with thick front armour and anti-tank 16 (same gun as the King Tiger!). This model was a pleasure to paint. I really like the boxy look of German tanks with fixed guns. I didn't assemble this model but all of the parts seemed to fit well and there was minimal flash and no miscasting on the model.

I used this image as reference for the cross and number. This Jagdpanther would be company 3, most likely the 2iC. Image from wargamer.com.

The decals are from Dom's Decals.

As this model is not mine, hopefully the Jagdpanther will look like this in games...

I'll post a tutorial tomorrow briefly showing how I quickly painted the camouflage pattern.

Thanks for visiting. Check back soon as I have lots more finished models to post here. I have a hetzer, 3 stuarts, explosion markers, and a tutorial for painting jagdpanther camouflage coming in the next few days. 


  1. Really nice camo pattern and weathering on this TD. The detailing is excellent. Just a minor point, I know that you didn't assemble this yourself, however the angle of schurtzen would mean that it's off it's bracket/brace and not held on by anything as they are individual plates. Overall I really like what you have done with this and am looking forward to more

  2. Thanks for the tip. I wasn't aware or I would have removed it and reglued it.


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