Saturday, April 13, 2013

Showcase: Turretless Stuart Jalopies

I've finished painting my turretless Stuarts for my 11th Armoured Division company. I built the Stuarts so they can be used both with turret and without turret. The models are based on the Battlefront M5A1 Stuart and the British Stuart V. A few months back I wrote a short tutorial on converting turretless Stuarts.

All of the Stuarts are magnetized so they can be used as Stuarts with turrets in Normandy lists and some later lists (for example if I proxied a Guards Armoured Division list, or maybe some later Germany lists). The .50cal MG is also magnetized in both places so it can be used in either configuration.

The tank commanders are from the Open Fire Shermans and the .50cal machine guns are from the Plastic Soldier Company Sherman box.

I only painted three of them so far. I have one that is unfinished still. I had to finish these quickly for a tournament so I only finished the four.

I used a slightly different basecoat for these models (Vallejo Russian Uniform WW2 sprayed through the airbrush and the added shadows with Vallejo Model Air Olive Drab). I also spent a bit more time adding light line highlights and thinner highlights on the chips.

The turrets just sit inside like normal.

The tank commander and machine gun are magnetized so they are easily removable.

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  1. They look wonderful. Seriously great looking efforts.

  2. Thanks Dai. I'm glad you like them.

  3. Just lovely. It's amazing how different they look!

  4. Thanks Drax. These are fun to use in games. Great fun when you catch infantry in the open.


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