Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Showcase: Tzeentch Chaos Cultist Sorcerer

After a bit of a hiatus I have painted another chaos cultist model. This model was built from the plastic chaos sorcerer lord body, a slaanesh lord head, and a chaos possessed arm. I painted this as part of a kitbash challenge on the DS forums. I painted this model fairly quickly by using the airbrush to do many of the larger areas and the more difficult blending. As this was a one off model I didn't worry too much about what colours I chose, which really helped to speed up the painting.

It seems like I haven't painted any 40k models since the horus heresy, but it has only been three months or so. A bit of a break helped me to look at the models differently. After painting historical models I feel much freer to just paint whatever colours I want on fantasy models. This model definitely has a bit of a tzeentch colour choice to it. That had as much to do with wanting to paint this colour as anything else.

The base model is the excellent plastic chaos sorcerer lord. The head is from a lord of slaanesh (I bought 5 on ebay 3 years ago...). The giant arm is from a chaos possessed space marine.

I painted the blue with the airbrush and I am pleased with the gradient in the colour (see the helmet and power fist for example). I first painted the blue areas Vallejo Game Colour Falcon Turquoise with the airbrush. I added some black and airbrushed the shadows and then mixed white with Falcon Turquoise to add a highlight. A mixed in more white to brush on the white highlights on the face. I also had to fix a few areas I missed by brush. 

I hand painted the robes Vallejo Model Air (VMA) Sand as it was hard to mask the big arm. I then airbrushed VMA Sandy Brown and VMA Burnt Umber into the shadows. I used a brush to do line highlights using Bleached Bone mixed with white.

Only airbrushed to this point (except for the hand painted sand). I masked using silly putty.

I used one of the bases I made in this industrial basing tutorial.

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  1. Did you use tools to press and shape the putty to what you wanted masked? I am going to be doing some air brushing and masking with silly putty but it's my first time using it so any tips would be great. I'm going to try the angels of redemption split paint scheme with the airbrush...

  2. I only masked the helmet on this model. I just used my fingers to shape it. The silly putty is pretty elastic. For complex shapes sticky tack might be better. Just make sure you use good sticky tack, not cheap imitation stuff as it leaves residue.

  3. Very cool stuff. You did a great job with the airbrushing.

  4. As simple, as great! Not that much of a conversion but it got me to taste it and it is really good work.
    Once again: the greatness in simplicity!

  5. Very cool! That's an excellent mix of bits - Great work, man!

  6. Fantastic work. Especially like the robe... Nice handling of the airbrush and detail brush.

  7. Thanks Pijamas. I agree. Usually I draw pieces from more different models. I really like the staff on this model and the whole thing came together well without many parts.

    Mordian-Thanks! As I said before, the mix of bits came together easier than expected.

    Kelly-Thanks. The airbrush definitely makes the big blends on those large areas easier. I find these new plastic robes to have lots of large flat areas that can be hard to paint by brush.

  8. Very cool, I struggle to use the airbrush for anything other than zenital highlighting, but you seem to be ablt to use it for so much more...good skills.

    Just one this on this model, just my opinion of course, but the eyes don't feel done...I think they could do with being a bright yellow-green, possibly with a glow.

  9. Great looking model with a strong unified colour scheme.

  10. I tried to do a light blue glow but I don't think it is quite enough contrast. I thought aboutmaybe purple glowing eyes.


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