Friday, April 5, 2013

Train tracks

Here are some painted train tracks. The tracks are HO scale. I intended them to be used for 15mm scale in Flames of War but they will probably work decently in 28mm scale as well. The tracks are some plastic tracks I found at the hobby store. Each section is 9 inches long. They were simple to put together, will be easy to store, and clip together nicely for use on the tabletop.

There are six 9 inch sections in total.

I bought the plastic tracks in sections like this from the hobby store. They were just under $2 per section.

I then just added ballast and then drybrushed, painted, and flocked them quickly.

Thanks for visiting. Check back soon as I have some Stuarts that are almost finished and some explosion markers.

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  1. Those look really good, nice that they will be versatile too.


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