Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Destroyed vehicles markers

Here are some pictures of some blast markers I made for destroyed vehicles. The blast markers are built from small pieces of metal, paper clips, clump foliage and lots of PVA glue. They were pretty quick to make and work well for destroyed vehicles in Flames of War or vehicle damage markers for Warhammer 40k or any other building that uses vehicles.

This video helped me to make these smoke markers. They are pretty easy to make. I just glued a paper clip to a small round piece of copper. I then used superglue to glue on pieces of clump foliage. Once it looked right I soaked it in watered down PVA and let it dry. Finally, I spray painted them black, airbrushed the grey fade, and drybrushed a series of red and yellow at the base and a bit of white at the top. They look really effective on the tabletop and easily show which vehicles are destroyed.

Once they are finished they are pretty durable. I sprayed them with some varnish to make them even harder. They are a bit annoying to transport as they are fairly large and have pokey edges.

I'll probably make another set of these once I have more vehicles painted. I may use a smaller bolt for a base though so they can fit into the turret rings of smaller tanks. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Very cool - I always liked that style of blast/damage marker. They turned out great!

  2. Fantastic! I made up a bunch of those tea light ones that flicker but these look way more durable and frankly, awesome.

  3. Thanks guys. They look really nice when my vehicles (sadly) get blown up on the table.

    Zab-They are pretty durable but they are annoying to store in foam with so many pokey bits.

  4. Impressive, I go time trying to create some models, but they never like me completely,I have liked these of yours very much. Regards.


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