Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here is a Hetzer I painted for a friend a few weeks ago. The model is the Battlefront Flames of War German Hetzer model (15mm). The friend I painted it for wanted me to try to replicate a colour scheme from Blood, Guts and Glory where there is a bit of green around the dark brown spots. This model was lots of fun to paint. The Hetzer is pretty interesting looking. The decals are from Dom's Decals and are based off of a picture I found of a Hetzer with this number and cross location.

Work has been hectic and some soreness from a cycling injury have both conspired to really limit my painting progress the last few weeks. Hopefully this weekend I can get some painting done. I have a lot of paratroopers in progress and a few Shermans that are almost complete (just need to paint the pesky crew). I'll just leave you with some pictures of the painted model.

I used a Tamiya Weathering Master set to do some of the dusty weathering. It is very easy to apply and gives a nice effect.

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  1. It's a weird lil' tankie-tank- so small when compared to something like a Panther, and it's off center barrel and strange shape make it quite unconventional and unusual looking.
    Nevertheless, it's effective, and relatively inexpensive compared to other vehicles in it's class.
    It's one of those tanks you either love or hate at first glance, but hey...
    Hetzers gotta Hetz, ya know?

  2. I agree. I was quite shocked at how small it was when I put it beside a Jagdpanther. I guess that is part of why they were successful-a bit easier to hide.

  3. I really like the effects that you have created with the weathering as well as the tonal transitions in this Hetzer. Very nice work, I will have to look at the Tamiya weather set as I really like how their paints flow in my airbrush.
    The thing that I like about the Hetzer is the ingenuity of the design, i'm sure that the cramped tank crews wouldn't agree with me ;)

  4. Great work...may I ask what colours you used on the tank...thanks!

    1. I think this one was Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow (I think that is the name). I then added white to highlight it.


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