Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Flames of War Stug

In this post I will share a few pictures of a Stug I recently painted for Flames of War. The model itself is from the Open Fire box set. I painted it using the airbrush and oil washes. Not too much else to say about it, lets get on to some pictures.

The Open Fire model went together alright. The shurzen and tracks are connected, so they are a bit hard to align perfectly. Otherwise, the model was quick and easy to assemble. It is slightly chunkier and wider than the resin models.

I did some colour modulation on the model. I airbrushed shadows and highlights. I did the camouflage freehand with the airbrush. I was going for a bit of a more muted camo pattern. I used a light oil wash to filter the colours and tie it together and then used a pin wash to darken the panel lines. Oil paints are really nice as you can pull the paint down to create streaks on the sides.

The model is a little shiny as I had not dull coated it before taking pictures.

Sorry for the long absence from blogging. Other hobbies (cycling), injuries, and work got in the way of too much painting progress. I do have a bunch of models that are finished to show on here soon. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Beautiful, great job.

    When you you use different colours or alter the base colour, by adding dark brown/white.

  2. Nice looking StuG! Great weathering.

    One thing, the muzzle looks miss-cast, the end is a double baffle type.


  3. Thanks guys. I really admire the work both of you do so it is an honour to have you commenting on my work. Thanks.

    Winner Dave-It varies. For this model I based it with Tamiya XF-60. For the shadows I used Vallejo Model Air Dark Earth. For the highlights I mixed VMA White with Tamiya XF-60.

    Ritterkrieg-I hadn't noticed that with the muzzle. Disappointing.

  4. Fantasiche!

    I just love the way you use colours: really not a strong point for me, annoyingly.

  5. Thanks Admiral Drax. I really agonize over colour choices so it is really nice to hear you approve of my colour choices! I've being trying to brighten up some of my FoW models, even if it is less realistic. I've got some heavy mortars I am working on and I've been looking at yours for inspiration.

  6. "One thing, the muzzle looks miss-cast, the end is a double baffle type."

    There is a separate part to be glued on to the end of the gun barrel...

    1. Shoot. I just looked at the FoW assembly guide and you are correct. I guess I just missed adding that piece. I'll have to see if I can find it.


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