Wednesday, August 21, 2013

101st US Paratrooper Platoon

Command stand.
I've finished the first seven stands of a platoon of 101st Airborne Division US Paratroopers for Flames of War. These models are the plastic Open Fire starter set paratroopers. I still have two stands to complete before the full platoon is finished but I can field them with only seven stands.

These models were really nice to paint. There are a few flat spots and strange bits inherent in one piece plastic models. The details are very crisp and easy to paint when compared to the metal battlefront models. The quality of the details on the jackets and pockets make them much easier to paint than the sometimes ambiguous detail on the metal infantry models in 15mm. The facial details are also much more realistic.
I based the models using some pumice gel and used static grass, and Army Painter flowers and winter tufts. The sandbags and barbed wire are scratch built. If there is interest, I can do a short tutorial on how I based the infantry models.
I still need to add some water effects into the craters.
I've used this platoon frequently in my Market Garden 11th Armoured Division sherman company. They are great for defending an objective. I've found they have a bit of a tough time attacking as the only infantry alongside my armour. Fearless Veteran infantry seem to worry people and my opponents always spend time worrying about where they will attack. I really wish I could get a transport them to speed up their movement across the board (I have some lorried rifles waiting for paint to solve that problem).
Machine gun. The camo net is made from greenstuff.
I've been getting a few games in and a bit of painting done. I have a heavy mortar platoon in progress that I will show in the next few days. You can see some earlier work in progress pictures of this platoon here.

I've really enjoyed painting this platoon and am really hoping to get a few more german Open Fire infantry for a german force I am working on. If anyone has some sitting around I would to love to buy them off of you. Just send me a message through the contact form or post a comment below.

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  1. these look fantastic. I can only hope my own platoon of these plastics end up so well painted.

    Interesting to hear they are good to use on the tabletop too outside of a US list. Was always concerned over the Allies rule and so have yet to try them out, but now I'll have to put them higher up on my painting queue. :)

  2. They look great, the basing is awesome. In game remember that they can Trusscot Trot, the American special rule.

  3. Dai-Thanks. They are pretty ideal as allies as they have "German Mission Tactics" so they don't lose their platoon commander and they are Fearless Veterans so they are okay with moral tests. My biggest problem with them is that they have trouble keeping up with my tanks as they can't take transports.

    Sean-Thanks. I just learned about Trusscot Trot recently. Quite enjoyable to run forward on turn one. Glad you like the basing as I have to do this over a few more platoons of Brits for the rest of this company.

  4. Looking very nice! Great paintjob and basing too!

  5. These are astonishing! The basing in particular is truly inspirational. I love the way that the right-hand mortar loader looks as if he's momentarily distracted by the pretty flowers.

    I am - as ever - super impressed and super, super jealous, and I wish could find a platoon of these lovelies. D'you reckon they'll ever sell this as a platoon box? I'd be all over that!

  6. Thanks Phil.

    Thanks Admiral Drax. I like these models a lot. On the wwpd forum they have a trading thread for open fire models. I hope they start releasing more plastics as I think the poses and details are much better than all of the metal sets I have seen. Plastic is the way of the future. Recent releases have been metal for infantry though.


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