Friday, August 30, 2013

British 4.2" Heavy Mortar WIP

I've finished painting the first two stands of my Flames of War British 4.2" Heavy Mortar platoon. I spent some time experimenting with painting schemes to successfully make British Uniforms look acceptable. Not too much to say about them, so I'll get straight to more pictures after the jump.

The first two stands took me quite a long time to paint. As those who have painted British uniforms know, it is a difficult colour to paint. The Vallejo Model Colour English Uniform is a bit difficult to apply. It is sometimes too thin and sometimes too thick and doesn't have great coverage. It is also a putrid brown colour. I wanted the brown English Infantry to look nice next to my American Paratroopers. The colours make it much more time consuming to paint them.

Previous method, English Uniform, brown wash, some highlights. Looks okay but doesn't really pop.
After lots of searching and a few trials I have found a method that I am satisfied with. It is time consuming and a bit difficult as there is lots of layering. I still need to work to perfect the layers but I am pleased with the overall effect. Basically, it is just layered up from Chocolate Brown through to Desert Yellow as the most extreme highlight. I need to work on correctly thinning the thick Model Colour paints to get smoother blends.
All Vallejo Model Colour paints.
This formula was not created by me! Two excellent tutorials on painting British infantry at Heresy Brush (in Spanish, can translate with google) and Crac des Chevaliers inspired me that British Infantry could look good and generously shared how they did it.

Observer team
It is hard to get all of the infantry focussed on the large base.
The base detail was built from greenstuff, balsa wood, and resin sand material.
Hard to see, but I did paint badges on the shoulders and eyes. Trying to take it to the next level. Some fierce local competition for best painted! Hahaha.
Practised a few different methods.
So, two stands down, another five to go for this platoon (if I bother painting the PIAT right away as I doubt I will use it in game). It should be somewhat faster now I have gotten my recipes sorted out.

Sorry for the mediocre pictures. I took them quickly as I am in the process of moving. I'll have some better ones of the complete platoon!

Check back soon. I actually have pictures and things sorted for another three blog entries. I have some Bedford trucks, a tutorial on basing, and a tutorial on painting Mickey Mouse camouflage all ready to go. Comments and suggestions appreciated as always. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Really nice looking mini's. I just wanted to comment and say thanks as I've spent the week putting off starting my next batch of Brits and your blog came just at the right time to get me enthused again. Love the Division details on the arms - I had tried that myself originally but just couldn't get it to look right at the scale. Well done!

  2. O wow, these really do take it to the "Next level" mate. Very nice. Not sure I've the patience to paint my Brit uniforms so well.....

  3. Mad Tin Hatter-Glad they helped to inspire you! Painting so much english uniform can be daunting.

    Dai-Thanks for your kind words. I am always torn between painting them quickly and taking forever. In the end, I spend too much time thinking about it and not enough just painting it in the slower methods.

  4. Lovely figures and great looking bases.

    Thanks for sharing the colour swatch.


  5. Thanks Tony. I try to post my colour choices whenever I can as I really struggle myself to find colours that work for me.

  6. Well now,

    Cameron, you know I love the 4.2" mortars, so I was excited to see these (apparently I missed this post!)...but all of the pics except the first one seem to have been removed by photobucket: there's just some sarky message up there instead.

    1. Yeah, I went over my photobucket limit so I have started using picasa for the new posts. It is annoying but will reset tomorrow.

      I have pictures up of the two newest stands here:


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