Monday, September 2, 2013

Showcase: British Bedford QLT 3-ton lorries

In this post I will share some pictures of some Bedford QLT 3-ton lorries I painted as transports for a lorried rifle platoon in my 11th. Armoured Division force for Flames of War. The models are from Battlefront. The models are in an approximation of Mickey Mouse camouflage, which is primarily found on transport vehicles. The lorries will serve as transport vehicles for a rifle platoon once I have painted them. I'm not sure how often I will use them in games but I couldn't resist painting them up. I was pretty excited to try Mickey Mouse camouflage on a set of models and spent a bit of time experimenting with different ways to do it.

These models are pretty nice but were a bit irritating to assemble. All of the parts went together very nicely except the cover on top of the truck bed. The resin cast was warped on both models with a curve that stopped it from sitting flush. I used putty and liquid greenstuff to repair it but the gap was still a little visible. It is only a little noticeable in the final model as you can see that things are not perfectly aligned in the final model. As it is such a thick resin piece there was not too much I could do about it. On the other hand, the wheels and top were very easy to assemble and fit quite nicely.

You can see the gaps.
The models were quite a lot of fun to paint. I painted them in a version of Mickey Mouse camouflage. I will post a tutorial later this week on how I painted the camouflage.

Picture from
I spent a bit of time painting the crew. I tried a new skin tone method using some darker and more pink base coats. I think it adds some more depth and life to the faces. I am beginning to get more of a handle on painting eyes too. I am still not sure if I prefer the 15mm models with eyes or not. I think they are a bit out of scale but add some character to the models. Unfortunately the painted crew are hard to see in the finished cabs (so I included a WIP picture here!).

I haven't totally finished these models as I still need to add the unit serial number, a 63 on green background, to the front and back of the models. I've ordered them and I am just waiting for them to arrive.

I've been experimenting a bit with using oil pin washes. All of the washing on this model was done with oil washes (except for a small acrylic wash in the wheel rims to dull down the weathering pigment). I really like the softer effect and how fast it is to apply and oil wash into cracks and crevices. I also like that you can clean up the edges of an oil wash after it has been applied (unlike an acrylic wash that can leave tidal lines were the wash dried). I think both have their applications.

I experimented a bit with using some pigments on the wheels. I also used my Tamiya weathering master to add some dust. I have a few other weathering products on order that I will use to try a few other effects in the near future.
You can see a little of the crew.

I hope you enjoyed these models. I really enjoyed painting them. I am have pictures of what I did for the camouflage and I am planning to write a short blog on how I painted it. I also have the pictures for a short tutorial on how I have been basing this force. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Fantastic work as always, so jealous of your skills.

    Did you use actual "Black" or a dark grey like "Black Grey" ?


  2. These are smashing! I've been wondering about getting me some of these too, but frankly, they're at the bottom of a long list!

    Love the camo, and I'm interested to see the process...

  3. Did they all get the Mickey Mouse camo in LW?

    Very nice looking lorries though sir.

    What's your recipe for the chunky mud around the wheels?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    Winner Dave-I used Vallejo Model Air black. I did the line highlights with VMA German Grey mixed with some GW Codex Grey.

    Drax-I should have the tutorial up shortly. Any thoughts on using transports with your rifles? I guess our lists are pretty different as I am primarily armoured. I hate how slowly the infantry move sometimes when I am attacking with my tanks.

    Dai-I don't think they all did. Like most camouflage, there seems to be a wide variety of methods used. I used some Golden Resin pumice stuff and mixed it with dark brown paint for the chunky mud.

  5. Well now...I have found this place in the last week: 30% off and free P+P:

    ...but Bedfords are still not a priority.

    And what's this you say about 'attacking'? - You've obviously never yet seen my cautious-to-the-point-of-abject-cowardice style of play (just ask Zzzzzz)!

  6. Peter Ball-Thanks.

    Drax-Haha. That's funny. I am the opposite. I am very aggressive. Tanks have a hard time sitting back. I don't know if I will actually use the transports much. They were fun to paint though. It can be annoying paying so much money for a 5 point option though.


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