Monday, October 28, 2013

Cribs: Hobby Spaces Edition

I've recently moved house and set up a new hobby space. In today's post I thought I would show you my current set up. My previous apartment was very small. In the new apartment we have an office/space bedroom so I have space to have my table set up well and a closet to store all of the extra things. I also invested in a few new storage solutions to try and keep everything organized. In this post I'll show a few pictures of the space and how it is working so far.

The most important part of any workspace is the desk area. I now have a much larger work surface. I have two lamps with daylight bulbs set up to illuminate my work area. I've set up the photobooth where I can easily move the light to take pictures of models that are in progress. It's hard to see in this picture, but I have a storage unit on wheels and my airbrush compressor under the table. My much used Martha Stewart self healing cutting thing helps to protect the table surface. I'd like to get a larger one to protect more of the surface.
This is where the magic happens.
My photobooth (see details of how I made it here) is set up on the desk. It is easy to put away if I want the space, but I like it here so I can take work in progress pictures to share here. It is easy to swing the lamps into place to take a picture. My water container really needs washing in this picture.

On the ride side of the desk I have this little storage unit. The top tray hold models and things I am working on or planning to work on. Previously I put them all on a window sill. This is a little tidier. The second tray holds modelling tools. The third tray holds masking materials and extra paint brushes. The notebook on top is one I am recording details of paint mixes and things in.

I am quite fond of having a work in progress drawer to store my models in. I definitely have a lot more than this that are in progress. Many of them are just in cases still from moving.
Those test bases are for a top secret project. More on them in a few weeks when I finish those test German infantry on the middle right.
Below the table I have a plastic storage unit to hold my paint and supplies. I had another one before, but it was so weak the trays didn't slide in properly. The top two trays hold my paints (it is barely high enough). I have Vallejo Model Colour, Vallejo Game Colour, and Reaper paints in the top along with oil paints and pigments. The second tray holds Vallejo Model Air and my Citadel paints. The third large tray holds my miscellaneous basing supplies (flock, grit, grasses, a general pile of junk to glue to bases). The bottom tray holds miscellaneous liquids in larger bottles like airbrush thinner, airbrush cleaner, Vallejo surface primer, Tamiya thinners, water effects, etc. This unit is on wheels so I can put it away easily when guests visit.

You can see the paints happily fit in their new home. Some of those citadel paints are from around 1998. I still use some of them occasionally.
I don't want to think about the cost of all of my paints at $2-4 per bottle.
In the closet I have a lot of other random bits and pieces stored. I've been trying to make things fit into various boxes so they are easier to store.

So far, this new set up has been working pretty well. Most importantly, my fiance is happy that the "mess" is more contained and more organized. I am happy that I have a place to work and can keep things out while working on a project.

Thanks for visiting. Shockingly, I have 11 vehicles which I painted last week and only need tank commanders to be complete. Check back later this week for a platoon of Panzer IVs, a platoon of T-34s, and possibly an update on my 11th. Armoured Division.


  1. Nice! I wish my hobby area was half that organized!

    1. Haha. I now regret not having pictures of my previous work spaces. They were VERY disorganized.

  2. I'll give it a week before it "normalises"

    1. Haha. This is a few weeks in. The tidiness definitely fluctuates. It is a little cluttered at the moment as I have 11 tanks in progress on the desk.


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