Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Showcase: PSC Panther G

I've finished painting the Panther G I was working on in my dunkelgelb colour modulation tutorial. The model is a 15mm Panther G from Plastic Soldier Company. In this post I will show a few pictures of the finished model and some work in progress pictures of how I painted the camouflage.

For this model I was trying to roughly recreate the camouflage pattern shown below. This picture is taken from the Earl of Grey Panther collection and shows a Panther G from Panzer Lehr division in the Ardennes (coincidentally the division and area I am modelling for my Panzer company).

The final model is fairly close. I chose to leave a little more Dunkelgelb so the colour modulation was still visible.

I painted the camouflage in a similar method to this post; Tutorial: Painting camouflage with silly putty. The main difference was that I used sticky tack instead of silly putty. I found the silly putty was a bit hard to remove sometimes. The sticky tack is a little easier to shape for the wavy areas too.

After camouflage was applied.

To finish the model I added decals, did some paint chips, used an oil filter and a bit of a wash, and added some dust with pigments. I experimented a little more with fixing pigments. I think I am satisfied with the final results.

I've started work on a platoon of Panzer IV Js that should be finished soon. Check back soon for some pictures of the Panzer IVs and some pictures of some T-34s I am also painting. I'm planning to take some pictures of the oil wash and filter when I paint the Panzer IVs and will put up a short tutorial on using oil paints. Thanks for visiting. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated as always!

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  1. Thanks Admiral Drax. I'm pleased with the way this one came out. The green is maybe a little too vibrant. I've toned it down on the Panzer IVs.


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