Monday, November 18, 2013

101st Airborne platoon finished at last!

At long last, I painted the last two stands for my 101st Airborne Division paratrooper platoon. Like the command shermans I posted last week, these models have been waiting since the tournament in July to be finished. You can see some pictures of the earlier progress here and here. Over the intervening months I have tried some new techniques for painting 15mm models so the latest stands are fairly different from the earlier stands. Regardless, my first infantry platoon is now totally finished (sort of, for now). With this platoon done, I have now painted the entire Allied force from the Open Fire starter set.

No longer do I have to be ashamed of those two unpainted stands!
US paratrooper in Holland during Operation Market Garden.
I'm not quite sure why I lose momentum during projects like this. I tend to get distracted by a new project or new idea and often leave the last part of something incomplete. In the case of this platoon, I finished 5 stands of the platoon the week before a tournament. On the Friday evening I had no motivation to paint late into the evening. After the tournament I just didn't get around to much painting with a busy summer of work, moving, and other activities.

Old method on the left. New on the right. Notice the difference in flesh, rifle wood, uniform highlights, and webbing.
Over the last few months, I have learned a lot about painting 15mm infantry from blogs like Heresy Brush and Crac des Chevalier. Subsequently, my painting style and skills are quite different than when I was just painting my first 15mm infantry earlier this year. I decided to paint the newer paratrooper stands using my new techniques.
Old left, new right. Notice the increased highlights on the webbing and uniform.

When I am painting I always try to push myself and try new things. Because of this, my finished forces are not very uniform (my German models already have 2 or 3 different ways of painting dunkelgelb on the first 7 models). But I have decided that if I spend a year or several years working on a project/force then I want my painting to evolve as I work on that project. I paint very slowly and feel that in some ways my painting would stagnate if I did not try new things. Hopefully as I develop more of a style then my models will have a more coherent look. I can see these differences a lot in this platoon and in the recent Shermans I painted, which look quite different next to the earlier ones I painted.

I think the flesh looks much more alive and interesting on these models.
I added insignia to the newer models. I may go back and add it to the older ones too.

The new plastic infantry sculpts from Open Fire are quite nice. The detail on the clothing is excellent. Most of the faces are quite nice. There are a few ugly spots though. The faces on the machine gun team are terrible. Thankfully their heads are down. A few faces are a bit miscast or strange. Overall, the detail is crisper than on most of the metal models. I am looking forward to more plastic infantry in the future. I hope the sprues have a few more than needed on them so I can avoid any bad faces.

Command team.

New bases.

Alright, that is enough pictures for this post. I've got a few other projects on the go that should be posted soon. I've built some walls (seen above) and some 15mm houses (still need paint). I am hoping to paint a Universal Carrier platoon. After this platoon I really need to paint my British Lorried Rifles (much cheaper for lower points value games), two more heavy mortar stands, then a German MG/Faust platoon... So much infantry.

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  1. Wow! Those are amazing, a real quality job.

  2. 101st? Boring... They look awesome, the highlights on the uniforms are exceptional.

    1. Haha. I couldn't resist after watching band of brothers.

  3. Quite simply some of the best looking FoW paint jobs around, I reckon!

    Go Cameron!

  4. Really nice finish, the insignias look excellent - especially the screaming eagle. Excellent details with great bases. I have had a fair amount of issues with the details on my Open Fire infantry, I suspect I got a bad batch (they sent me some replacements though). Some faces are really outstanding with others being ghoulish/ogres. You're done a great job with these and I am looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thanks. I agree on the faces. Some are great. Some are a bit hideous and strange. I've thought that if I did another platoon I would get some extras and just pick models with decent faces. Hopefully they have improved them for the upcoming plastic infantry releases. A lot of the parts looked quite similar, so we shall see.

  5. Hey, I just bought the open fire box set and I was wondering what vallejo paints you use for the uniform, helmet, and accessories for infantryman of the 101st division. If its not too much to ask, may I also inquire about the color mixes and techniques used to create such vivid highlights on primarily the uniforms but also the accessories. I'm sorry to bother you, but its really hard to find out which colors look both eye catching and realistic as these models do.

  6. Uniform I did Vallejo US dark green, wash with a brown wash then mix white with dark green to highlight. Webbing is Vallejo khaki, wash Brown, highlight khaki and Vallejo panzer aces us tank crew highlight. Wood is Vallejo flat earth highlighted with New wood.

  7. Thanks, I can't explain how much this is going to help!

    1. No problem. Feel free to post any more questions on here or to send me an email (contact information can be found through the contact me link at the top).


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