Monday, December 23, 2013

11th. Armoured Division Painting Chart

Inspired by Admiral Drax’s painting charts, I decided to make a painting chart for my 11th Armoured Division. I thought that a painting chart would be a good way to track my progress towards completing my force. My painting chart here was inspired by the great painting charts over on Admiral Drax’sblog. I would definitely recommend checking them out. Continue reading for some pictures of my painting chart and some pictures of my 11th. Armoured Division Sherman Company as it currently stands.

I started this company in December, 2012 (1 year ago) when I bought the Open Fire starter set for Flames of War. Initially, I had planned to quickly paint a Sherman company to a tabletop standard and then to spend more time painting a German tank force. My fast painting speed is quite slow so my progress has not been as rapid as I had hoped. Nonetheless, one year later I have a small, fully painted, tournament ready company. I don’t think I have often had everything painted for an army in any game, so having this much painted is an achievement for me.

As you can see from the chart, the company is fairly far along. I’ve got my two core platoons painted and some useful support options. I’ve managed to paint the majority of the models I already have for this force. I need to finish my Heavy Mortar platoon and last Sherman platoon next (although the Shermans may wait as I don’t often need 3 platoons of Shermans in games). After that, I really want to paint the Lorried Rifle platoon. I really want to use the cheaper infantry in games. I am a bit concerned with the daunting task of painting 30 odd individuals in English Uniform.
Company so far, from

I really like the painting chart as it has helped to get me to finish off the last stragglers for different platoons. I have a bad habit of painting something 50% of the way and then getting distracted and not finishing it. I am always excited to start projects but I am rarely excited to go back and finish a model. Sometimes it is good as I have more skills when I come back to a model.

Looking into the future, I am planning to expand this force a little further over the next year or two. Flames of War has a funny way of getting you to buy a few more platoons as there are so many ways you can change your core platoons but still use the same support. I’d like to add a breaching group for Normandy, some Cromwells (maybe 10) for some light tank fun, and maybe a second rifle platoon so I can run a mechanized company.

Once I have the painting chart here complete though I am planning to focus on my German Panzer list for the next little while. I’ve painted a few models for it but I would really like to get a tournament list finished for the spring.
The lorry needs his rifle platoon to be painted!

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  1. Well crap - wish my FoW years summary post was as nicely done as this. :(

    Has been fun following your progress on these Cameron. Your work is inspiring for sure - though I'm not so sure I have the patience to put as much effort into such a small scale as you have! :P

    Hopefully santa will bring you some fun goodies to add to this already impressive list.

  2. Well now, I officially believe that this is pretty much one of my favourite blog posts of all time.

    They all look so good, and what a brilliant achievement (especially for a side project!) - well done, Cameron: seriously!

    Dai's right to use the word 'inspiring' too.

    (always good to see a painting chart btw - thanks for the props!)

    Merry Christmas from Blighty, Cameron.

  3. Thanks for the year summary! I've been following this blog for a year and love your work! Please do some Germans soon, my one complaint has to be that I play German's and a lot of your posts are centered around the British! Merry Christmas!

    1. TW-Glad to hear you have been following along. I've been trying to finish off my British for tournament play. Then the next year will be dedicated to finishing my Panzers to the Meuse company. I actually have 3 tigers and 5 panthers that are 90% finished. I just need to add some mud and tank commanders and then they are done.

    2. If you go to you can see my German posts. 15 German posts so far. Hopefully I will have a few more next year. I really enjoy painting German vehicles.

  4. Dai-I have a few Germans coming to round out my Panzer list. I am looking forward to getting some paint on them.

    Drax-This was definitely my main project of the year. I still have another few platoons I want to add to this to finish it off and give me the options I want. Merry Christmas to you too!


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