Friday, December 27, 2013

Stone walls for Flames of War

Today, I will show you some pictures of a few small stone walls I recently built. They are sized to fully conceal infantry for Flames of War. They would also scale well as waist high walls for 28mm models. The walls are built from cardboard bases and depron foam. With this addition, I have enough terrain to cover a single Flames of War board to a medium terrain density. 

After finally getting a full sized surface for Flames of War games (6’x4’) I realized that my terrain collection was a little thin. I decided to quickly build some stonewalls to help cheaply provide more concealing terrain on my board.

I used the cardboard bases from the Open Fire set to build the bases for the walls. The cardboard is fairly sturdy and didn’t warp much during painting.

The walls themselves are built from Depron foam. It is just thin foamboard with no cardboard layer that takes detail well. I bought some from a hobby store three years and three apartments ago. It was a bit expensive ($15 for a sheet or something) but I hadn’t used it to date. I textured it by rolling an aluminium foil ball over the surface. I added brick details and things by cutting out small sections with a knife and adding brick texture with a ballpoint pen. You could just as easily use foamcore for the walls and remove the card covering for exposed brickword. The foam just allows more texture to the surface.

The Depron foam is a bit soft and brittle. To make it a little stronger I coated it in Modge Podge (basically watery PVA glue) before painting it.

Painting was pretty simple. I drybrushed some layers of grey to create texture. Painted the ground brown over the sand. Then painted the bricks in brick colours, drybrushed them, and washed them with a brown wash. Very quick and easy. I then added basing materials to match them to my other bases and terrain.

This was a nice and quick project to add a little more terrain to my board. I have lots of linear terrain now with all of my fences. What I really need is more woods and buildings. Hopefully then the board will have a bit more cover for my tanks.

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  1. Simple and effective. Good stuff sir.

  2. Nice work on those. They look very good.

  3. Thanks guys. They are not anything special, but they should be a versatile piece for my games. The only down side is the slightly strange dimensions of the cardboard sections. They only fit together in one configuration really.

  4. "I textured it by rolling an aluminium foil ball over the surface"

    You sir...are genius...seriously, do you just make this stuff up?

    1. I read it somewhere a few years ago. It is really quick and effective. I had this depron foam sitting around for a few years so I decided to use it.

  5. They look great Cam, and Congrats on the other "goings on" in your life! Also what do you think of the new PSC British Infantry?

    1. Thanks Sean. I've got a decent board and terrain collection for the next time you are in this area.

      Thanks for the congratulations too. Everything went really well.

      The PSC infantry looks really nice. Sadly I already have a blister of metal infantry from battlefront. The battlefront sculpts are pretty good. I am hoping for more good plastic infantry choices in the future.

  6. Very clever and attractive. Nicely done!


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