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2013 in Review and 2014 Goals

2013 was a year of personal change for me. I started the year living in Vancouver, spent a few months working in another town, and then moved to Penticton, BC (in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada about 400km away) in the fall. Throughout the year I have worked at six different jobs as things have been in flux and have settled into some new positions in my new town. On the hobby side of things, 2013 was a relatively focused year for me. I made lots of progress on Flames of War models and I feel like I really improved as a 15mm painter. In this post I will review last years goals and set some goals for the coming year.

Last year, I wrote a post with some goals for 2013. Let's review my goals and see how it went...
This was the year of the Sherman (company)

  • Goal 1: Paint more models than I buy
    • My goal had been to paint four models for every one that I bought. I definitely failed at this goal. I ended up painting 90 models and terrain pieces and buying 65. An improvement over previous years but I still did not make a dent in my backlog. I now have a queue of 15mm models to paint.
  • Goal 2: Play more games
    • This goal was a little vague. As planned, I have a painted 1500 point Flames of War company to play with. I attended open gaming nights and played many more games that the previous year. In total I played 24 games. Not too bad for being in towns without fellow hobbyists for half of the year.
  • Goal 4: Post regularly
    • My goal was to post four posts each month. Overall, I had 43 posts this year, just under four per month on average. Other than a very poor period during the summer I posted fairly regularly.
  • Paint regularly
    • My goal was to paint five models per month, including terrain. In total I painted 90 items. I met this goal although I didn't paint five models each month.
  • Enter a painting competition
    • I didn't do this...

Now lets make some new hobby goals for 2014!

  • Goal 1: Decrease my painting back log
    • A ration of four models painted to one model bought was a bit ambitious. Lets go for 2:1 this time. I will paint two models for each one that I buy. I will also paint my main back log of Flames of War models (at least the tanks!) before purchasing any more models.
The Universal Carriers were in the queue for a solid eight months....

  • Goal 2: Post once per week
    • I want to post more regularly to improve this blog. Regular posting helps that. I will endeavour to post once each week. Four posts per month was a good level for my painting output. I don't want to sacrifice quality for quantity of posts. I am trying to only post finished models, tutorials, conversions, and other useful articles.
  • Goal 3: Continue to game regularly
    • I now have to travel a little further for games. This year, my goal is to play 20 games. I will also participate in at least two tournaments.
  • Goal 4: "Finish" my 11th Armoured Division Sherman Company
    • I will paint the company to approximately 2,500 points (Confident Veteran). In the short term that means completing another Sherman platoon, a rifle platoon, and a Typhoon. 
  • Goal 5: Completely paint a 1780 point German Panzer Company
    • I've started my panzer company. I would really like to get this company tournament ready and play some games with it this year. I've probably painted around 1500 points of Panzers in total but most of them live in new homes now. I'd like to build the company I have been planning and get some games in with it.
Needs friends...
  • Goal 6: Paint more different models
    • 2013 was definitely the year of Flames of War for me. In 2014 I would like to paint some more models from different systems. My goal is to paint models in two different scales and from six different manufacturers. I only painted one non-Flames of War model this year...
  • Goal 7: Paint a skirmish team for Warhammer 40k
    • We will see where this takes me. But I am aiming to paint a Kill Team, Inq28 squad, or some other skirmish type force for small games. Maybe finish some Death Guard, maybe Word Bearers, maybe Orks, maybe Chaos Cultists. We will see.
  • Goal 8: Revenue neutral hobby
    • Painting and playing with models can be expensive. For 2014, one of my goals is to have my hobby have zero net expenditure. I will do this by painting models for sale on eBay, selling old models, not buying many models or hobby supplies, and taking the odd commission. I've done it for the last several months. It will be a challenge to keep it balanced for the entire year.
Lets leave the goals there. 2013 was a busy year. I don't know what 2014 has in store but I am looking forward to a bit more stability and the adventures that await in the year ahead. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe holiday season. Thanks for visiting this corner of the web over the past year. Hope to see you lots in 2014!
Coming soon (and helping the bottom line, I don't plan to have a full winter panzer force...)
Also coming soon!


  1. Great work Cameron. Sounds like it was a very good year for you.

    I'm with you on the failing to paint as much as I should have, though I did get a lot of models done. I'm planning to clear as much as possible before investing anything further. I'm a big fan of your WW2 models. I'm getting in Bolt Action with some friends and though it's in a larger scale I hope I can keep the same type of tight paint scheme you have. Love the winter Panther in particular.

    Looking forward to your 2014 blogging.

    All the best


  2. What a good year!

    Looks like you'e got your work cut out for 2014 too...

  3. Pete-Thanks for the kind words. I'm thinking about painting some bolt action this year as well.

    Drax-2014 should be pretty busy too!

    Another goal-paint 80 models.

  4. I think considering all the moves, etc, you did yourself proud Cameron.

    This year's goals are also very doable I think and I aspire to many of them myself.

    Keep up the solid work mate!

    1. Thanks. It was definitely a busy year. I tried to set achievable goals but ones that I would have to focus to achieve. We shall see what the year brings.

  5. Woah, I didn't know you lived in the same province as me :) You could consider looking into Gottacon in Victoria BC, I believe there is an attempt at a FoW tournament for it but I don't know if there is anyone signed up for it yet.

    1. Cool, are you in Victoria? I lived there a few years ago but didn't play FoW at the time. I think the FoW tournament is still going to happen at Gottacon, but I am not sure I will go as it is a pretty long trip. Another local guy might go so I might end up there too. There is a tournament in Kelowna in April that I am planning to go to and maybe some of the Vancouver ones.

    2. Yup, and the FoW scene (fairly small over the last 10 years) is starting to slowly build. I have a Canadian army which I've been playing downtown at our LGS. Doing what I can to be a positive influence and get the kids into it.

      Maybe in the future we'll get a game in one day :)

    3. Where are people playing in Victoria?

      Hopefully we can meet up for a game some time.

    4. Curious Too! Games Central. I think Chek or some other local News show just did a bit on them. It is across the street and a couple stores up from GW on Johnson and Broad. There is a FB group for the store. At the moment people are slowly arranging games but the manager is giving FoW priority to get the scene started. Otherwise there is a club in Colwood and one still at UVic on Sundays (the latter being a descent option) with all the old guard.

    5. Looks like I may be attending Gottacon. Some local guys are planning to go. I'll post up on here if I am attending.

    6. Great! I think next year I may play FoW at Gottacon (instead of Fantasy).

  6. Good luck Cameron, I ended up sticking a tonne of unpainted stuff on eBay simply to get my painting queue down...turns out those queues can grow faster than grass :)

    Really hope you manage to get some more games in, in 2014, would be really cool to see some AARs with your beautiful models.

    1. Thanks Dave. I've been listening to your podcasts on my drive to work. I've been trying to paint up some of my excess models and selling them painted.

      My 20 something games in 2013 was a big improvement from the previous years. My fixation on obscure games made it hard to find games for a long time. I've moved to a smaller town so it will be challenging to get many games in. I have found some people who play a 45 minute drive away, so I will be able to get some games in. I will try to post up some AARs. I've tried to focus on the hobby side of things, but I will post up some other stuff too. Any tips for getting good pictures of game action? Mine are always dark and strangely coloured. We are talking about doing a Market Garden campaign, so I could get some good pictures at that too.

  7. Though I am certainly a bit late to the party, let me add that I would just *love* to see you put some more work in on your Death Guard at some point! A cultist-based Killteam also sounds yummy, I suppose you could even combine these two and end up with a playable army in the process...

    You're obviously honing your skills all the time, as is clearly evident by the content you post. Time to put those skills to use on something that's not 15mm WW2, although that's just my personal taste there ;)

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    1. My problem with the Death Guard is that I just can't decide on a colour scheme I am totally happy with. We will see. I may adjust that goal just to completing a skirmish sized squad for some 28mm game of some kind. Some local players play Malifaux occasionally and bolt action so I may do a bit of one of those. I'd really like to get some more Death Guard finished.

    2. What about the colour scheme you had before? Although it may not have been finished, I think you were definitely headed in the right direction! Or you could use something similar to your Renegade Sergeant and move on from there. In case you need inspiration, be sure to check out ElDiablo's recently completed DG models here:

      I think his recipe is really nice as well!

      I would *really* love to see more of your Deathguard, because your Plague Marine and Termie conversions are definitely some of the best! I love how you've managed to move beyond using the ubiqitous FW Nurgle parts and come up with something even better!

      Hope you find an approach that suits you soon!


    3. Ah, man, almost forgot:

      GuitaRasmus's Nurgle models are worth a look as well:

      Quite a different recipe (closer to the DG's Pre-Heresy colours), but very awesome nevertheless.

    4. Thanks for the kind words and the link. I like the other scheme I was working on but I don't feel like it has much pop compared to the style I am working with now. I'd like some higher contrast without painting them a bright green colour. We shall see. I'll have to do some more experiments.

      Your stuff has been looking pretty fantastic lately. Your entire Khorne force must look great on the tabletop. Sorry I haven't been commenting, WordPress blogs are just locked into another account for some reason and I haven't bothered to change it. I've really enjoyed seeing your bloodbowl team too. Keep up the good work.


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