Friday, February 14, 2014

Showcase: Panzer IV Js

Panzer IVs are the backbone of most Flames of War panzer companies these days. Their low points cost, overall versatility, and ability to assault infantry make them a nice option for most panzer lists. The “German Sherman” comes in a variety of flavours. For the newer lists from the Battle of the Bulge to the end of the war the Panzer IV J is the panzer of choice. I painted these 9 Panzer IV Js from Battlefront as part of the Kampfgruppe Peiper (1st SS Panzer Division) commission I am working on. Read on for some more pictures of the finished models.

Compared to their metal tracked cousins, the plastic tracks on these Panzer IV Js were a joy to assemble. The detail is very crisp and they assembled quite easily. It is a pity that the schurzen is not also plastic. It is kind of funny to have resin, plastic, and metal all on the same model. I really like the plastic tracks and I am looking forward to seeing more of the plastic offerings from Battlefront in the future. The resin has some of the usual issues. One turret schurzen had a fair bit of damage to it as the resin can be quite frail where it is thin.

I painted these models to be quite similar to the PSC Panzer IV J platoon I painted a few months ago. The biggest difference between them is the mesh schurzen on these panzers. They give the model a much darker look overall as it kind of washes out the lighter areas of the schurzen. The mesh schurzen is definitely quite historical and it is nice to have the option.

I've been using colour modulation to add some lighter areas and visual interest on the Panzer IVs. They get darkened a bit by the wash on the schurzen. I used a slightly different colour combination for these models. I based the models in Vallejo's Dunkelgelb surface primer. I then added sequential highlights of Vallejo Model Air paint 71.081 Tank Dark Yellow, 71.028 Sand Yellow (or 71.027 Light Brown, I put the paints away again... oops!), and 71.075 Sand. The Tank Dark Yellow gives a slightly darker and less yellow overall look.

These models painted up quite nicely. I made the mistake of working on all 9 and three half-tracks at the same time. I find that painting models in large batches kind of kills my enthusiasm. Painting 144 road wheels black gets a bit tedious. Nevertheless, they all got finished and painting them at the same time leads to a more uniform look overall.

I hope you enjoyed these models. The commission is almost all finished; just a few final pieces left to paint and photograph. By the time this is posted the models will probably be on their long journey to South Africa. As always, comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

Check out the rest of this Kampfgruppe Peiper commission:


  1. Great work on these Cameron, they came out really well.


  2. Very nice mate. Your camo is super cool - again, making me want to actually try out my airbrush...

    What do you think of the new plastic IV's recently unveiled by BF?

    1. Thanks, Dai. Definitely try out the airbrush. It takes a while to get the hang of it but I think it opens up a lot of possibilities. It is a valuable tool that I use on almost every model I paint.

      As for the BF Panzer IVs, I am interested. I am a big fan of plastics overall. I really dislike when tracks and things don't fit and how frail resin details can be. I am disappointed with the four panel schurzen but I am glad they came up with a solution. I think the models look pretty nice. We will see when more start getting painted up. The plastic T-34s look really good. I much prefer assembling and painting plastic models, so I really hope Battlefront continues to add to their plastic range of models.

  3. Great stuff as always, Cameron.

    I see what you mean about the mesh making the models appear darker - what an interesting dynamic...

    1. I think the recessed area between schurzen and.hull also do it as I left it in shadow. For my own panzer iv js I will use psx again and convert them so I can.highlight the.schurzen. I am thinking about making some mesh schurzen from scratch though...

    2. That was some bad typing on my phone.


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