Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kampfgruppe Peiper King Tigers

These King Tigers are the final models I painted for the Kampfgruppe Peiper commission. The models are Battlefront’s King Tigers with Fallschirjager tank riders. I painted the models with vertical stripes to match the rest of the company. The models were really fun to paint. They have lots of nice flat panels and large details. With this platoon, the Kampfgruppe Peiper commission is completely finished.

Company 1iC
Platoon King Tiger
The King Tigers were a lot of fun to paint. The large surfaces, particularly the front glacis plate and the sides of the turret, provided a really nice area to work on the colour modulation. The models were a little tricky to assemble, mostly because they have so many parts. Everything fit together nicely.

The 501st SS Schwere Panzer Division decals were tricky. I couldn't find any. I ended up doing them by putting on 1st SS decals, glossing over them, cutting the key out of another 1st SS decal, and then putting it on upside down to have the two keys for the Schwere decal.

With the command King Tiger and King Tiger platoon finished I am totally finished this commission. I actually completed these models a few weeks ago. It took me longer to finish writing the posts than to finish the commission. The models have arrived in South Africa. FedEx shipped the models due to some post uncertainty in South Africa. They amazingly left the depot in Canada on Friday, went to the USA by the evening, arrived in United Arab Emirates on Saturday, arrived in South Africa on Sunday, and was delivered on Monday or Tuesday. The speed is quite incredible really. That is faster than I can send a letter within my province using Canada Post. Unfortunately a few barrels were damaged in transit, despite carefully packing them in model foam.
This commission was the largest I have done to date. I painted the 26 model commission in under a month. I received the initial contact on January 11th and shipped the models on February 14, 2014. I only received the last of the models a week before completing the commission due to some stock issues across North America. This is definitely a record for me. My British are not finished yet and I have been working on them for over a year!

Overall, working on a commission this size definitely has its highs and lows. Working on such a tight time line is quite stressful, especially when you are collaborating across such long distances. It was exciting to see a project come to fruition so quickly. It was nice to paint some models and patterns that I wouldn’t otherwise have painted.

Thanks for visiting. Later this week I have some pictures of my 11th Armoured Division company for the Gottacon Flames of War tournament this weekend. I also have some tutorials I will be putting up over the next fews weeks, some terrain, and a platoon of Mobelwagens. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated as always! 

Check out the rest of this Kampfgruppe Peiper commission:


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Scott. It was fun to paint one of the most iconic tanks of WW2.

  2. I saw some seriously well painted Kats at a tournament this last weekend, but none of them looked as nice as these. Very nicely done Cameron. The group shot shows a seriously fantastic army.

    Get working on those Brits. :)

    (Don't fancy having to tackle such a large commission though - hope the financial remuneration was worth it. )

    1. Thanks for the high praise Dai!

      I'm painting a firefly and two heavy mortar stands for the tournament this weekend. Then I just have three more Shermans and a rifle platoon to "finish" my british company.

  3. Cameron,

    Great looking army, love the realistic rust streaks - Love the commander peeking out.
    I checked Doms Decals (https://sslrelay.com/www.domsdecals.com/) and sadly he doesn't do the Schwere SS-Panzer-Abteilung 501 decals but good job on the decal fix!

    Looks like you may have gotten the drop side panels upside down on the Sd.Kfz. 10/4's. Ammo containers should be down. Makes more sense the way you mounted it though...


    1. Thanks Troy. I totally goofed on those side panels. I didn't even notice until now. I was so focussed on getting those tricky side panels to stay in place.

      I'm sure someone somewhere does the schwere decals. I was lucky that the upside down decal roughly worked.


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