Thursday, February 20, 2014

German 8cm Half-track Mortar platoon

This platoon was both the best and the worst platoon to paint as part of this Peiper commission. It was exciting to get an opportunity to paint some SS camouflage patterns. I experimented a bit with Oak Leaf and Pea Dot camouflage. The half-track models were surprisingly fun to paint. The downside is that I had to paint three half-tracks, four infantry stands, a kubelwagen and half-track crews just for a 90 point platoon of which only half of the models will be on the tabletop at a time. Overall though, I think they are quite a nice looking platoon.

The 251 half-tracks were a lot of fun to paint. Any models with large, flat panels look really nice with colour modulation. The flat areas on the models really helped to give some nice areas of contrast. Although they take a lot of work, the half-track crews really add some character to the models as well. The 251s with plastic tracks were easy to assemble and fit nicely. I am excited for the forthcoming plastic Panzergrenadier boxes. It makes me want to do Panzergrenadier company (although painting 22 stands of infantry and 12 half-track crews seems a bit daunting…).

The infantry stands were a bit more tedious to paint. I liked painting the camouflage. Camouflage is challenging at this scale because the dots are a bit out of scale and it is challenging to really highlight areas on the camouflage without making a big mess. All of the little details on German infantry tend to take a long time to paint as they are all in different colours.

When I started painting the camouflage I looked online at different colours to use. I was going to purchase some colours until I took out all of my browns to find suitable colours. I discovered I had around 20 different brown colours. For the oak leaf camouflage I mixed Vallejo Model Colour German Camouflage Beige and German Camouflage Brown as a base colour. I then added splotches in Vallejo Game Colour Charred Earth and then the smaller orange areas using Vallejo Game Colour Parasite Brown.

For the Pea Dot camouflage I used straight Vallejo Model Colour German Camouflage Beige as the base. I then added large splotches of Vallejo Model Colour German Camouflage Dark Green, Vallejo Game Colour Charred Earth, and Citadel Camo Green. I then added smaller dots of each on contrasting areas.

I really enjoyed painting the Kubelwagen. I think the little car has a lot of character. I’ve taken some pictures of how I painted the headlights and windscreen for a future tutorial.

Overall, this platoon was fun to paint but took me a long time. For myself, I am always reluctant to add platoons that require so many options to my own armies. It was pretty fun to get to do some different camouflage patterns. Check back soon for the rest of this company. I hope you like this platoon. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated as always.

I've also added a new blog header. I made it in Photoshop to look like a Normandy road sign. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.

Check out the rest of this Kampfgruppe Peiper commission:


  1. Great job! I especially like the camo on the infantry, turned out well. And the header is a nice touch, too.

  2. Very nice work. Clever use of scenery back drop too.

    1. Thanks Scott. I need to get some more backdrops and bases to do some more different settings.

  3. Perhaps make the letters in the header a little thicker? Otherwise, I like it, very nice idea.

    I've done my best to stay away from camo thus far in FoW. But my yearning to be able to use Fearless Veteran troopss may well force me to buy some Brit paras.... Regardless, your own effort is rather spectacular sir. I've seen camo done in many ways (Most times horribly) and your version looks good from both near and far.

    1. Glad you like the camo. Brit paras are pretty cool.

      I couldn't make the letters thicker as the font didn't have a bold option. It also might not have fit.


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