Monday, March 31, 2014

11th. Armoured Division Heavy Mortars and Firefly

In March I attended Gottacon in Victoria and had to finish off a few last teams for my tournament list. Fortunately I had already painted most of it as I was frantically finishing the Kampfgruppe Peiper commission I was working on and finishing off some Mobelwagens for a friend to use in the tournament. I painted up two heavy mortar stands and a Firefly to complete my 1650 point tournament list.

The final two heavy mortar stands complete my Heavy Mortar platoon (except for the PIAT which I haven't bothered painting as I doubt I will ever use it). This platoon took me far to long to paint. I painted the first stand in September and finished the platoon in April. Fortunately they still look fairly cohesive due to the basing.
I changed the bulb in one of my lights and the pictures are much brighter!

I am a bit bored of the same 4 poses. I included a few riflemen to break up the monotony. I definitely don't want to paint a 25 pounder platoon (same artillery poses).

Bicycle is from Peter Pig.
I also painted up a Firefly. I felt my list was lacking a bit of anti-tank punch (and everyone gun tanks my Fireflys) so I dropped one Stuart in favour of another Firefly. I'm pleased with how the Firefly turned out. Unfortunately the much thinner barrel of the PSC Firefly looks a bit confusing next to the super wide barrels of the Battlefront Open Fire Fireflys.
Plastic Soldier Company Firefly

With these few models I have a 1650 tournament list totally painted. I still have some more models left to paint as you can see from my painting chart below. I want to add a breaching group for an Overlord list and I really need to paint a British Rifle platoon (which will take me forever!).

I've included my army list for Gottacon below. I am reasonably happy with the list. For the next tournament I would probably drop something to get the Stuarts up to four again as I find them so useful. I'd really like to switch the paratrooper platoon for some Lorried Rifles. I did a bit poorly in the tournament, finishing 6th out of 12 after losing my first three games 6-1, 5-2, and 6-1. I did a bit better on Sunday winning 5-2 and 6-1. I was fortunate enough to win Best Painted though, which was a real honour as there were some very well painted companies there.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon for some Mobelwagens, King Tigers, Panzer IVs, and a TKS Tankette!

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  1. Fantastic brushwork and basing. I absolutely love your work! I feel bad saying this as it could detract from the sincerity of my praise, but the mortars would have been placed directly on the ground, and not on the boards. The base plate must be settled into the soil for their accuracy and safety of firing. What you have modeled is dangerous to all from the servicing crews to the folks in the mortar rounds, flight path.

    1. No wonder my mortars keep missing! Thanks for the tip and sorry for the modelling mistake. I had no idea.

  2. Didn't want to mention it, but David F got there first about them mortars. :P

    Still though, they make for some well modeled viginettes.

    That list looks fun to play, I think though you are correct about getting the lorried rifles instead of the paras. Paras are so expensive points-wise, the rifles will free up some to hopefully allow you to bolster up your list else where like adding a 4th firefly, etc.

    1. Yeah, I think the lorried rifles can do the same job; dirty assaults and holding objectives. I don't really need Gammon bombs or Fearless (if I can use company commander for rerolls). The first thing I would add is definitely the fourth Stuart again. I might drop the UC platoon as well. Not sure what I would replace all of that with though.

  3. Lovely - just lovely. Where'd the bicycle come from?

    For the record, I complained (nicely) to Battlefront about the disappointing lack of range in their artillery crew figures: having the same guy hefting the same generic shell is bad enough between a 25pdr and a 4.2" mortar...but when he's apparently trying to drop the same thing down a 3" mortar tube? - Pah!

    1. Thanks Drax. The bicycle is from Peter Pig. I also got the Brits brewing up set and some other base bits that should be in some upcoming projects.

  4. Very nice mortars, lots of nice details throughout the bases and they work so well on your terrain piece

    1. Thanks minutiae, I tried to add some interesting details to the bases. I made sure to make my photo display base match the bases too.


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