Monday, July 21, 2014

Tutorial: Cheap fields for Flames of War

Today I will show you how to quickly and cheaply make fields for your tables. This method can be used for any scale of game. In this case, I built my fields for 15mm games but I think they would look just fine in 28mm scale games too. This project allows you to cheaply build lots of fields for your tables. I built 12 or so fields for about $4 worth of supplies.

I found some excellent and well-scaled carpet squares at a dollar store. They cost me $2 for 3 one square foot sections of brown carpet with little ridges on it. If you can’t find the carpet tiles you could use brown felt and it would look good too.

-brown carpet squares or felt
-static grass or flock (whatever you have around)
-white glue (I used Modge Podge)
-old, thin paintbrush
-matte medium or other sealant (optional)
-sharp knife

Step 1: Cut fields to size
I cut my carpet square in to a variety of sizes. I didn’t want them too big so most are around 6” x 6”. I can always put a few side by side if needed. I cut mine using an exacto knife and a ruler. Scissors work too.

Step 2: Apply glue
Paint thin lines of glue on your carpet with small areas in between each line. I put a model beside mine as I made them to judge if the scale would work.

Step 3: Sprinkle flock
Sprinkle your flock over the painted areas once you have painted a whole field with white glue. I like to use a few different colours of flock for variety. Some paper sheets underneath are useful as the flock can be messy. Let the glue dry.

Step 4: Seal
Seal the flock in place using something like matte medium and water or matte varnish. This is optional but will help the flock to stay in place and not make a mess of your terrain storage.
I dislike slow terrain as I love running tanks and they slow me down but don't add cover. They do look lovely on the table though.

4" movement for half-tracks. Ahhhh!

These fields are really easy to make. I left the paper backing on mine as they gave them a bit of stiffness. For just a few dollars I got a few square feet of scenery for my gaming table. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have the opportunity to build these for yourself. Thanks for visiting!


  1. As usual these guide are amazing :)

    1. Thanks! Hope you get the chance to make some!

  2. Mine are similar, though I went with carpet leftovers from Home Depot. Sprayed them with Krylon flat brown to give them some rigidity, though didn't go with the flock.

    I tried with one a frame of flock to better illustrate the border, but I'm not sure I like it.

    1. I like the flock on the fields to add some more interest and variation. Do you have pictures of yours up? I'd love to see them.

    2. I'll get some pics taken for my next post.

  3. I've seen similar, but as usual you make everything seem easy. Summer project, here we come!

    [By the way, did you do a tutorial on bocage and/or hedges too - or am I imagining that?]

    1. Thanks Drax. These ones are very simple.

      I haven't done a hedge or bocage set yet. I have some in progress that I built using this tutorial:

  4. Great post. I love making my own cheap terrain so it's very interesting to see how others do it :-)

    1. I really like making terrain too. I enjoy the challenge of turning cheap materials into something for gaming.

  5. Awesome tutorial. A bit off topic, but do you know any good places to get the floormats you used for your wheat field? I've been looking around lately and can't find any

    1. I found mine at Rona in Canada. I've seen them at Home Hardwear too. I haven't seen any without any patterns though.


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