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AAR: Attack-X Flames of War Tournament

Last weekend I attended the Flames of War tournament at Attack-X. Attack-X is a small gaming convention in Kamloops, BC and ran from September 12th to 14th, 2014. The Flames of War tournament was a 1650 point late war tournament. I played a Panzer Lehr list from Panzers to the Meuse. In this blog post I'll share a recap and some pictures of each game .

The Painting
Two weeks before Attack-X I still had 17 models to paint to complete the company. After some feverish painting, I managed to finish the company at midnight the night before the tournament. I spent the last day finishing up the Nebelwerfer platoon commander and a tank commander that had broken off of a Panzer IV. I'll have a post showcasing the finished Nebelwerfer platoon up in the future. I was really pleased to finish all of the models. I also built a small display board for the company.

Game 1-Dust-Up
My first game was against Glen’s Strelkovy in Dust-Up. Glen is one of the four local players in our area. I’ve lost to his nasty Strelkovy list three or four times before. In our previous games I had always lost while trying to assault his enormous Strelkovy blob with attached 1iC, Kommissar, flamethrowers, and pioneers with the SU-100s and T-34-85 flame tanks terrorizing my tanks. In this game we both hung back. I managed to catch and destroy all of his reserves with a Panzer IV platoon. His Sturmovik missed my tanks for all 15 turns. He destroyed my Nebs as they came on from reserve and the rest of my reserves hid from his big guns. I couldn’t assault with the 14 tanks overwatching the blob platoon and the game finished with a 3-2 tie (I had 3 points).
I wasn't driving in to that unfortunately!
The cores of our companies had a bit of a stare down.
Game 2-Surrounded
In my second game I played against Amin and his Hungarian tank company. I used to play with and against Amin when I lived in Vancouver and was looking forward to the opportunity to play against his beautifully painted Hungarians. I was attacking in Surrounded. Amin had a platoon of Zryinis, infantry, Nimrod AA tanks, little recce tanks, a Panther 1iC, and two platoons of four Panthers. I think he had all of the Hungarian Panthers in existence. I attacked with all of my Panzer IVs and the Aufklarungs platoon towards the most open objective across a ford. Unfortunately because of the ford the mortars were able to stop me from crossing due to having to stay 2” from infantry. On the other side my Panzer IV/70s tried to get to the back of the Panthers. Unfortunately one bogged on turn 1 and didn’t unbog until turn 8. I destroyed the Nimrod’s on turn 1. My 1iC destroyed and Panther and a Panzer IV/70 destroyed another Panther. The game finished when I lost my Panzer IV platoons, Pumas, and Nebelwerfers and my 1iC had been destroyed by a Panther. My Aufklarungs platoon had the chance to assault the Panthers from the side with the full platoon but failed tank terror on two consecutive turns. It was a fun game on a tough board. The final result was a 3-4 loss.
My wall of steel was repulsed by the Panthers and the river with only a narrow ford.

The infantry chased down my nebs for the company break win. My Panzer IV/70 unbogged on the last turn to pop the Panther and get me another point.

Game 3-Counterattack
For the third game I played against Bojan (aka Zim) from Vancouver. Zim was playing a German training company with French tanks from Atlantik Wall with 12 or 13 platoons. I aggressively moved the bulk of my company towards the far objective. Unfortunately Zim got 4 reserves in the first 3 turns and surrounded and annihilated my company. Sadly I ended up losing the game 6-1 as the only platoon I destroyed did not count for victory points due to having more than 9 platoons. I also forgot to take any pictures.

Game 4-Cauldron
On day two I played against Rick’s Soviet motorized infantry with some T-34-85s and T-34-76a, SU-100s, heavy mortars, and T-70s. I was attacking (always attack tanks). I played cat and mouse for the first few turns in an attempt to whittle down the mixed T-34 platoon. My Pumas came on from reserve and jumped on the chance to take out a SU-100 from the side. Sadly they missed. They survived 4 turns before being destroyed by the SU-100s but managed to tie them up for the game. The T-70s came in from reserve and destroyed two Panzer IVs! I destroyed them in return fire. I also destroyed most of a motorized infantry platoon that came in from reserve. On the last turn I assaulted near the objective with two Panzer IV platoons, company command, and my Panzergrenadiers. I destroyed all but two stands of the infantry but my Panzergrenadiers were thrown back from the defensive fire from two T-34s and so I wasn’t able to capture the objective. The game was lots of fun but I ended up with a 3-4 loss. Rick extremely kindly gave me an extra set of Panzer Lehr tokens and dice as well. 

This is how Pumas were historically used, right? Come in on the flank to harass heavy tanks...?

Last turn everyone assaulted. I should have done this a little earlier.
Game 5-Encounter
My final game was against Bradford’s fortified German Grenadiers with his awesome winter armoured train. I hadn’t played against an armoured train before. Bradford and I had tied in points at the last tournament and he was in the top few players at this tournament (game match-ups in this tournament were pretty random I think). His train came through the middle of the table on turn four. I spent the previous turns setting up my Panzer IVs and Panzergrenadiers around the train tracks. I lost a few Panzer IVs to the initial train bombardments and then managed to destroy the train in the next turn. I got lucky as Bradford had not realized my infantry had Panzerfaust and they managed to destroy a car. The infantry were largely destroyed when they bailed out of the train and were finished off with machine gun fire the next turn. The rest of the game was my Panzer IVs avoiding Pak40s while trying to get the bulk of my force onto the flank fortified objective. Sadly my tanks were destroyed by Panzerfausts in assault and my Panzergrenadiers were thrown back by defensive fire. The game finished in a 3-2 tie as both of us were too spent to capture an objective.

The Good
-I destroyed a train (by rolling a lot of 5s and 6s)
-great prize support
-all of the Flames of War players were very friendly and I felt that we had a high quality of competition
-I think all of the Flames of War models were painted
-I was fortunate to win Best Painted among a group of great models

The Bad
-I lost every game :-S
-Our Kelowna group went 1 win, 9 losses, and 5 ties over the tournament :-S

The Ugly
-a Panzer IV/70 staying bogged for 7 turns
-a Panzer IV with protected ammo not remounting for 7 turns

It may be a while before I get to another tournament as winter sets in and work gets busier. You can follow my gaming and painting updates on twitter (@RustAndTheCity). I'll have some posts up in the next few weeks with my completed Nebelwerfers, Panzer IVs, a heap of planes, and some Jagdtigers. Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing, you didn't exactly have any dream lists against you there, Strelkovy is a pain to remove once dug in, especially if you can't assault. Panthers vs. PZIVs is another horror there, guess the last one could have been won, but not without good rolling. Anyway, it's always experience and if it's fun then all is good. I, myself hate those times when nobody attacks in dust-up/ffa and so.

    I took 11 Pumas, 3 Panthers, 1 Pz Lehr platoon (10 stands) and nebs against my friend's US Paras and it really worked for me.


    1. The mission and opponent match-ups were pretty tough. All of the players there were pretty good so there weren't really any easy games to be had. The lack of attacking in some scenarios is definitely an issue. Infantry lists will often just refuse to move. I usually just attack to have a fun game but in this tournament I tried to avoid driving my tanks into the traps.

      I was trying to think of different ways to encourage people to attack. Maybe add some custom rules about being within 16" of objectives after turn 6 to some missions. Possibly giving a rule like ignoring first platoon lost if you capture an objective in some missions (as attacking can be pretty brutal in some scenarios like Surrounded). Another thought was to use a different system of assigning victory points than just points for platoons destroyed/lost and victory.

      For the list I may end up changing it up a bit. The Panzer IV/70s are a good threat, but didn't actually do much. I think they destroyed 1 Panther, a few tiny French tanks, and 1 T-34-85. I'm thinking about replacing them with a Stug/StuH42 (only 1) platoon.

    2. Yeah, it's also a mindset issue, nobody wins on draws, so you should be prepared to attack in fair-fights, win or lose. The 2-tank platoons are bit meh, as you don't have enough firepower without very good luck. Do think another PZIV platoon would be good option here? Or maybe some möbels with good ROF?

    3. It is true. Usually I attack very aggressively. I was a bit more cautious as I had lost some games driving straight into strong defensive positions. I think I could have done better by being a bit more reckless with my platoons in some of the games.

      Another Panzer IV platoon might work well. I'm thinking about doing Stugs with a StuH42.

  2. Love that display board, where'd you get the case?

    1. Thanks Dave. The case is a fancy cutlery box I found at a thrift store for a few dollars.

  3. Finally get to see the display case! Looks amazing mate. And it fits SO well with the basing on the infantry and Nebs. Well done.

    As for the tourney - shame your German force played so many blue-on-blue matchups... Not one Yank or Brit list to squish. How many attended the tournament in total?

    Congrats on best painted though!

    1. Thanks Dai. I built the base to fit in with the basing on my models.

      It was unfortunate how many blue on blue games there were. We didn't submit lists ahead of time so the matchups seemed a bit random. There were 14 players in total I believe. I was sad not to face any British or American lists. I lucked out though and didn't have to face any naval gunfire or AOPs because of it.

  4. You didn't lose every game, you just didn't win them all! Congrats on winning best painted, it's almost inspiring me to spend more time painting my models (but not actually). The alternate "domination" missions that are talked about on WWPD seem superior to me than the official ones. I need to look into trying to find a game. Heard you might be back to work soon too.

    1. I may have to try some of the missions. I'm not really liking a lot of the missions right now. Too many missions where the defender just sits there and too many where both sides are supposed to attack but it is a disadvantage to be the one who actually attacks.

    2. http://forum.wwpd.net/resources/Complete%20Domination%20Missions..pdf

    3. Have you played them? I think they sound interesting. Would be lots of fun for campaign themed games.

  5. Wow - the models (and the board) look predictably gorgeous: congrats on the award!

    Did I read your name as a prizewinner in the Flames of War newsletter last week, or am I just imagining that...?

    1. Thanks Drax. I finished them in the nick of time!

      I saw that on the Flames of War website too. I haven't been contacted yet though. I'm excited to paint some great war models!


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