Friday, September 12, 2014


I've almost finished my painting challenge of completing my Panzer to the Meuse list for Attack-X tomorrow. I just thought I'd put a quick post up with some pictures of the completed Pumas. I'll show some pictures of the models in this post and discuss their role in my list.

I love Dom's Decals. The smaller turret numbers and license plates are my favourites.
The Pumas were pretty good to paint up. I started this platoon in March. I got them basecoated and all the details painted and then I lost focus and didn't finish them off for a few months. I waited for a while to get some smaller tactical numbers from Dom's Decals as historical pictures showed that the numbers of the turrets were fairly small. I experimented with all green hard edged camouflage for this platoon as I was getting a bit bored of the brown and green when I painted these. I kind of regret it now though as they are a little different from the Panzer IVs in the company. In the future I may do another platoon (you can always use more recce!).

The sculpts are pretty good for these. I think they are a newer mold (maybe the reason for puma shortages last year) as the lines are very crisp. The details are still nowhere near as clean and defined as on plastic models.

I've been pleasantly surprised at how effective the Pumas have been in games. Recce pre-game movement combined with Jeep mobility means they can get where they need to go. Their 16" move on open ground allows them to effectively shut down ambushes or control where they can come out. The AT9 gun with 4+ firepower makes them good for the odd flank shot on tank hordes, destroying other recce, and annoying the odd infantry stand. At 100 points for the platoon I may be better off using 8-rads or 234/1s if it allows me to take something else in the company. The AT9 can be a bit of a trap but I've found that they are great for harassing tanks when my Panzer IVs are alive as the opponent focuses on the more important Panzer IVs. The biggest downside to the platoon is that there are only two in the platoon so they aren't really enough to assault vulnerable artillery and things as well as my Stuart Jalopies. So far they have been a great Swiss Army Knife platoon as they can do so many things. Unfortunately I often wish they could do more than one thing at once as they are so useful.

The rest of my company is coming along well. I just need to finish 1 tank commander (1 broke off when I dropped a tank...) and the Nebelwerfer observer and command team. The Nebs themselves are finished. I just need to power through the last little bit today.

Check back early next week and I'll post a game by game recap of the tournament and some pictures of my finished company on the display board. You can follow me on Twitter for painting and gaming updates and previews of models before they hit the blog. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Those look great Cameron, well done!

  2. Nice, I have a Matchbox kit which my Dad built back in the 1970s

  3. Such an oddly iconic design, nice job on the painting!

    1. Thanks. They are an odd design. It is really funny in games when they fit through tiny gaps and then get shot because they are so long.


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