Saturday, December 20, 2014

Showcase: Rudel in Stuka

I recently finished painting Oberst Rudel for a Flames of War commission. The model is the Flames of War hero Rudel in a Stuka. I painted the model to roughly match the example on the Battlefront website. Rudel is a flying ace in Flames of War who is reputedly quite deadly on the tabletop.

I couldn't find my camera memory card when I went to photograph this model. Sadly, my camera is so old that the new memory cards won't work in it. It might be time for an upgrade. Fortunately I recently got a new cell phone and used the opportunity to try out the camera. The pictures turned out alright, but have more shadows and slightly different colouration from the ones I get with my normal camera.
I did some photoshop to remove a certain symbol on the back of the plane.

I painted the models to match the painted example on the Battlefront website. The decals for the V on the wing was a bit flimsy for fitting around the wing so I masked and airbrushed all of the yellow parts. It is a nice looking model and the yellow details for Rudel are quite striking. I painted the canopies with blue highlights. The effect is not as realistic but does add some nice colour for on the tabletop. The camouflage on the wings was painted with the same colours (I think) and techniques as in my Me262 tutorial. It's great when I can look back at my own tutorials when painting a model.

As Rudel does not use aircraft dice he comes with this cool little medal instead. My phone wouldn't take a good picture of it as it is so dark. The detail on it was pretty nice. It was fun to paint the details on it.

As usual, I took a few atmospheric photographs with my "Normandy" background. I think the phone camera does a better job on this background. I want to find some larger backgrounds to add to my game table for taking photos during games.

After a long hiatus it's nice to get back into painting and finish some models. I've got another 3 planes to show over the next few weeks. I'm also working on some interesting Jagdtigers and some infantry for my Panzergrenadiers. I have two weeks off work so I will hopefully get some more painting done over the break. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow - this model is lovely! The 'no aircraft dice' is a scary-sounding prospect though...

    - D.

    1. Thanks drax. I believe rudel comes in as a flight of 1 aircraft and rolls to hit 2 teams each tim . No rerolls or ranging i .

  2. Painting looks great Cam, the yellow really makes it pop. The Stuka with cannons has to be one of my favourite planes of the war. If you haven't read Rudel's memoir "Stuka Pilot" I would highly recommend it!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to see if I can find it for my kindle.


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