Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Goals and Year in Review

This year I am splitting my year in review into two parts. In the first part, I am going to review the year that was and review the goals I set at the beginning of the year. This was a very busy year for me personally and in the hobby. Check back after the break for a review of how I did with completing my 2014 goals.

2014 was a very busy year overall. I got more painting done as life stabilized a bit more this year. I played lots of games and got quite a few models painted. This was also a year with lots of changes as I worked a few different jobs before getting a career job in the fall. We also had some major changes with purchasing and renovating a house (definitely cuts into the painting time!). For the first time in a long time I became part of an established gaming group that plays regularly.
King Tiger Commission

  • Goal 1: Decrease my painting back log
In total in 2014 I painted 80 Flames of War models while purchasing 44 (most of those being infantry stands). In addition, I painted 70 terrain pieces. In total though I don't think my backlog really decreased as a lot of what I painted was for commissions. I think I did well in decreasing the number of models purchased but lost out a bit in reducing the backlog.
This pile is now smaller. But needs to disappear!
  • Goal 2: Post once per week
Definitely didn't achieve this one. I did quite well up until July as I was averaging 4 posts a month but I got distracted through the summer and had a big lull this fall.

  • Goal 3: Continue to game regularly
My goal was to play 20 games and 2 tournaments. I ended up playing in 3 tournaments and played 38 Flames of War games, 11 X-Wing games, and lots of board games. This was probably my most prolific year in terms of actually playing games.

  • Goal 4: "Finish" my 11th Armoured Division Sherman Company
I didn't complete this goal. I think I only actually completed a single Firefly and a Heavy Mortar Platoon for my Sherman company this year. They are pretty close to finished but I need to get back to finishing them. Just a Sherman platoon, breaching group, and a rifle platoon left to go.

  • Goal 5: Completely paint a 1780 point German Panzer Company
I completed this goal twice over (at least!). I painted a 1780 point company for a commission in February. I also completed my tournament Panzers to the Meuse list in September. In addition to this I also painted 2 King Tigers, 5 Jagdtigers, 3 Tigers, 5 Panthers, 2 Mobelwagens, a bunch of German planes, and some other random German models. I still have more German models I want to paint but I do now have a German and a British company fully painted and tournament ready.
Peiper commission.

Panzers to the Meuse company.

  • Goal 6: Paint more different models
My goal was to paint models in 2 scales from 6 different manufacturers. I painted models in 15mm, 1/72 scale, and 28mm. I painted models from Battlefront, Plastic Soldier Company, First to Fight, Games Workshop, Zvezda, and an unknown metal model (250 halftracks).
Anyone know what company these are from?
  • Goal 7: Paint a skirmish team for Warhammer 40k
Didn't complete this. Only painted one single 28mm figure.
Not a 40k skirmish team... Bretonnian Archer.
  • Goal 8: Revenue neutral hobby
I didn't track this as well as I should have but I did achieve it overall. I did quite a few commissions this year and didn't actually purchase very many models.

Overall I completed 4 out of my 8 goals. Considering the changes this year brought I would consider this year a major success on the hobby front. I had some lulls in painting but overall I painted more models, built more terrain, played more games, and played in more tournaments than I have in any other year. Most importantly, I feel that I have improved as a hobbyist and as a player and I am excited about the many new and continuing projects I will be working on this year.

Check back in the next week for my 2015 goals. Below I have included some of my highlights from the blog this year. Thanks for visiting and have a safe and prosperous 2015!

2015 Blog Higlights:
Panzer Lehr Project
Kampfgruppe Peiper Commission
Desperate King Tiger
Winter Panthers


  1. Those are some beautifully painted tanks. Quite a skill to paint at this scale. I took one look at one of these models and shuddered. My stompa's ammo belt is as big as a panzer!

    1. Thanks Greg. I wonder how well I would paint a tank at a larger scale now. Sometimes the techniques don't fully translate between different scales.

  2. Congratulations on your big production numbers, and the amount of gaming you got in. Very impressive stuff (at least to me!). I think it's marvelous you managed to revenue neutral your really speaks to your ability to hammer out finely painted figs quickly enough that you can do that.

    1. Thanks Dave. I was pleased to paint so many models this year. The revenue neutral worked well this year as my job was in transition a bit. This year as my work is busier I will be reducing the commissions a bit. On a per hour wage the commission painting is a bit difficult to justify.

  3. Very nice blog entry, I am looking forward to the 2016 entry ;-)


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