Friday, January 30, 2015


These two Jagdtigers are the first of a set of five Jagdtigers I painted as part of a commission. This project was a bit of a slow burn. The unique patterns on them took me a bit longer than usual to plan out. The Jagdtiger is a pretty impressive model and was fun to paint. These models were painted for a  client for a Jagdtiger list from the Bridge at Remagen book for Flames of War.

I took some fun pictures with my display board and some backgrounds.
I painted these two Jagdtigers in a late war camouflage pattern. In this pattern I had intended it to be a factory painted camouflage with green as the first colour applied (and so it is the dominant colour). I applied lots of weathering to these models as they are intended to represent the battered tanks being run into the ground in 1945. One of the tanks has a crater from a shell impact modelled beside the gun. The Jagdtiger had very thick front armour and I wanted to show this as it looks like it has bounced a decent sized shell. These Jagdtigers are for the same client as the Winter King Tiger and Desperate King Tiger I painted last year.

These models are the resin Jagdtiger models from Battlefront. The casts were nice and clean (none of that annoying bumpy resin as on some older molds). The tracks fit well and didn't leave big gaps. The only issues were with attaching fenders (always annoying) and adding on all the bits. It was tough to get the numbers to fit due to all the track hangers on the side of the hull.

I've been using the same technique for tracks on my last few models. I made sure to take pictures of each step so I will put up a short tutorial on painting German tracks some time in the next few weeks.

 I painted the camouflage on these models a bit differently than usual. I painted the Dunkelgelb base like usual (click for tutorial). I then masked each section with blue painters tape and blue tack (in hard to reach places).

Next, I sprayed colour modulation on the green all over the tank. I used Vallejo Model Air Russian Green mixed with VMA Sand to highlight.
Makes me want to do a Soviet tank again... :-)

Finally, I masked off the brown areas for each bit and did the same. It was a lot of work but I think it looks pretty interesting and is a change from primarily dunkelgelb German tanks.

These models were a lot of fun to paint. I have another 3 Jagdtigers all finished. I'll post up some pictures of them in the next little while. I've also been working away some Panzergrenadiers for Gottacon. Check back soon for more!
Many more of these fellows coming soon!


  1. God damnit those Jagdtigers are gorgeous! Superb result. I'm currently about to paint a single Jagdtiger, a sort of Otto Carius tribute build I guess, so this post has perfect timing for me :D

    1. Thanks. They are pretty nice models. The sculpts were quite crisp. I have another 3 JTs to post up when I get the time.

  2. Really excellent work. Love all the streaks and subtle wear. Really adds a lot to the pieces!

    1. Thanks Greg. I think the weathering adds some interest to the models. Sometime soon I need to try a totally clean tank as well.

  3. Up to your usual tank jobs, totally blown away by how good these look.

    1. Thanks Dai. It was fun to try the green based camouflage for a change.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Troy. Its fun to paint some of the big cats. Lots of big flat panels on this model for airbrushing.


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