Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Panzergrenadiers

Before Gottacon I was feverishly painting to finish this platoon. I finally completed them at 11:30pm the night before the tournament. The biggest challenge with this platoon was to take my time to paint them to the same quality as the rest of the infantry as it was quite tempting to rush them to finish in time. Until the final evening I wasn’t sure if I would actually finish them on time. Fortunately, they were completed in time for the tournament. Read on for more pictures of this platoon.

Piano is from Peter Pig.

I showed pictures of the tank hunters andplatoon commander for this platoon a few weeks ago (I made the platoon a few posts as they take me so long to paint...). Like those models, the remaining models were primarily built from the plastic Panzergrenadier box from Battlefront. The majority of the sculpts were very nice. The only ones I dislike are the ones where the mold line goes down the middle of the face. It would also be nice to have slightly more variety as this one sprue of 20 odd individual figures will form the base of all plastic grenadier and panzergrenadier companies for the next decade or so.

The pictures are a little dark.

The bases were made from plasticard, greenstuff, and bits from Peter Pig and other Battlefront blisters. The metal details like the piano and pile of tires are from Peter Pig. They add some really nice variety to the bases (in my opinion, I know some people dislike large objects on bases). The flagstones and other stonework are Plastruct textured plasticard. The brick walls are small metal special order brick wall sections from Battlefront. I glued the models to the bases by cutting off their round bases and gluing the feet onto the plasticard with plastic glue.

I painted the models in the same manner as my other panzergrenadiers and nebelwerfer crew. I spent lots of time making sure the skin and uniforms were highlighted neatly. I am quite pleased with the contrast in the uniforms. You can see the highlighting at the tabletop level. I wrote down the colours I used for most of my infantry in a chart and will include it in a separate post in the future.

The panzergrenadiers performed well at Gottacon. The large Panzer Lehr platoons were very durable and great for assaulting. I only lost 1 platoon of them over the five games. The integral anti-tank is a big asset with all of the tanks in Late War. I’m excited to use them more in the future although I foresee a lot more losses as I become accustomed to attacking and defending with a mechanized company.

For the Kelowna Flames of War tournament in April I need to finish four more half-tracks. I’d also like to paint a Panther A platoon to replace my winter Panthers as they don’t fit with the paint scheme of the rest of the company. I also have two new pumas I’d like to eventually paint to replace my green camouflage pumas.

As always, thanks for visiting. Here's a link to my first panzergrenadier platoon as well.Your comments and suggestions are always greatly appreciated.


  1. Beautiful work. Love the bases.
    What brushes you using now-a-days?

    1. Thanks Dave. I am using some scharff 3000 kolinsky sable brushes as there are some supply issues with most sable brushes here at the moment.

  2. I really like the modulation in the bases to create a lot of interest. When you look at the unit as a whole, it is really really cool looking. The figures themselves are great as well, I just tend to gravitate towards nicely done bases :).

    1. Thanks Greg. Bases tend to stand out above everything else on 15mm models I find. I definitely took a lot of time on the basing for this platoon.

  3. "Bases tend to stand out above everything else on 15mm models" - genius.

    These look reassuringly astounding!

    1. Thanks drax. I'll have some British again soon. I promise!

      I think good basing stands out the most on the table. A quick paint job with a badecoat and a wash and some nice basing with visual interest will look great on the table. I painted these models with a lot of contrast and the models themselves pop pretty well in games.


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