Sunday, August 23, 2015

Flames of War General and 251/1 D Half-track

I painted a command stand and half-track as part of the commission I have been working on. The command stand is a General model for use as a special character in Flames of War. The half-track is his transport from the Sd.Kfz 251/1 D plastic box set. In this post I will show some pictures of the finished models.

The models in this post are both from the excellent new plastic Battlefront Sd.Kfz 251/1 D and Panzergrenadier Command box set. The commander model is probably my single favourite infantry model in the Battlefront range. His coat and post is just so cool. Luckily, I got to paint him twice! Once in the half-track and once on foot! (He is also my Panzergrenadier commander and is in the command tank for my Panzer IV company!)

There isn't too much else to say about these models. I went with a green coat on this model. I saw it in fieldgrey on another forum post and thought it looked quite dapper. It was fun to do the highlights on the large sweeping area of the coat.

I used the Insignia section of "The Art of War: Wehrmacht Edition" to paint the general's rank insignia on the collar and waffenfarbe. This book is an excellent resource, especially for painting ranks and insignia. I just wish they also had a section on German WW2 hats. There are so many hats modelled on Battlefront models and it is tricky to get all of the details on them. The Insignia section was written by Mike Haught. You can see some of his excellent work at Scary Biscuits Studios or the new podcast website for Behind Enemy Lines Podcast.

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon for a recovery vehicle and some 8-rads.

I've got a few platoons listed for sale on eBay. I also have some Sedition Wars miniatures and the complete board game for sale. If you are interested in them, the auctions are running for another few days.

German Panther Platoon in Winter Camouflage

German Tiger Platoon

All of my items on eBay

Update: I added some Panzer IV/70s, Mobelwagens, and Sd.Kfz 250s as well.


  1. Awesome work! I really like the bold highlights on the infantry. It really makes them pop in the images. (and I'm sure on the table)

    1. Thanks Greg. I find that you need a lot of contrast to get drab 15mm ww2 models to pop on the tabletop. It is easy for it just to turn into a mass of green and brown.

  2. Looking good! That model is indeed a fine German officer sculpt. I like that you gave him the fieldgrey coat in lieu of the typical black. I think I shall do the same once I ever get around to painting my Germans...

    1. I want to paint him again in a grey coat! I love the model. The hands are a bit big. I'd paint them as gloves next time. The face and details are so good. He even has a little ribbon and iron cross on the model. Who needs metal?


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