Thursday, August 27, 2015

Panzer Recovery vehicle conversion

As part of the commission I have been working on, I built a panzer recovery vehicle. The vehicle is based off of a plastic Panzer IV hull. The recovery vehicle turret is scratch built. In this post I'll show some pictures of the recovery vehicle.

For the Peiper commission I was asked to build a recovery vehicle based off of a Panzer IV hull. Most of the historical pictures of Panzer IV recovery vehicles seem to be a different design without a built up turret. The client requested this style to match some other ones he had seen.

Next to a Panzer IV for scale. The barrel is drooping because it is just blue tac-ed on for shipping.

The turret is scratch built from balsa wood and plasticard. The little crane at the top is very simplified to be stronger on the model. The stowage is from a variety of different models. The turret is removable with the pin system of the plastic models. I also painted a regular Panzer IV turret so it can be swapped in and out as needed. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the turret before I started painting it.

Removable turret
I have some Flames of War (Panthers, Tigers, Mobelwagens, 250 half-tracks, and Panzer IV/70s) and Sedition Wars models for sale on eBay at the moment. Some of the Flames of War auctions are ending Friday and some Sunday. You can see all of my items up for auction here: eBay auctions.
For sale!

Be sure to visit the blog again next week. I have some very exciting not Flames of War models to share (they may or may not include a marine invertebrate and a Mad Max car...). Comments and constructive criticism are welcome as always. Thanks for visiting!


  1. That's a nice recovery vehicle, making it modular is a great idea.
    The Panzer III recovery vehicle has been OOP for many years, got lucky on one from eBay a few years ago, but will probably need to repaint it now that I'm an airbrusher.

    1. Thanks Richard. Good thing I didn't try to order the panzer iii then! I think it is still listed on the website.

      That's the trouble with new techniques, it makes you want to repaint everything to match!

    2. Absolutely. I have about three armies I want to either sell or repaint. Can't bring myself to sell them though!

    3. I think in the future I will try to do armies as a set instead of a never ending project. German ww2 stuff us especially bad as there are so many different lists you can make. I have an end goal cap now for my Germans. I don't need every possible option.

  2. Good god Cameron, that thing is beautiful. And the fact that you scratch-built it is amazing!

    1. Haha, thanks Spiderweb. It's just the turret that is scratch built, and really the turret is just a balsa wood box with a bunch of stuff glued to it. Next time, I would texture some plasticard to use for the turret as it would take paint a little better.


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