Monday, October 19, 2015

Malifaux: Howard Langston

This week I finished painting the Howard Langston for my Malifaux crew. Howard Langston is the Steamborg Executioner who has been repaired by Ramos into a half cyborg underling. This model is a plastic model from the Wyrd Miniatures M & SU crew box. This model was fun, challenging and frustrating to paint. In this post I'll share some pictures of the finished model.

I became interested in painting Malifaux models a few months ago specifically for models like this. This model would be an absolute nightmare to pin, store, and transport in metal. The plastic model is much more solid. Unfortunately, this particular model is quite challenging to assemble. The legs don't really want to fit on the base when the model is built according to the instructions. I had to modify a leg to get it to perch on the edge of the base as it is now. The little tentacles were also tricky to attach. The advantage of plastic though is this hugely dynamic and interesting model.

You can see my other Malifaux models by visiting this page on the Brass Arachnid and this page on the Steampunk Arachnids.

Cool detail everywhere!

This model was a challenge for me to paint. I initially picked this crew as I thought all the metal would make it quite and satisfying to paint decently. I'd forgotten how challenging I found both skin and metal on larger scale models (which happen to comprise 100% of this model). I actually ended up painting all of the different metal sections in four different ways. I'm most happy with the leg claws, where I tried to use some True Metallic Metal technique to add some depth to the metals (see the picture below).

The skin was the biggest challenge for me on this model. Initially, I painted it with the same triad as I use on 15mm models. The contrast was too high and it looked kind of like an anatomy picture of the muscles of a human. I tried a second time with the Reaper Master Series Pale Flesh triad. It is a little light for me, but it works well for somewhat undead style flesh on a cyborg like this. I may use it for future undead models.

My Ramos crew are all based on Secret Weapon Miniatures Townsquare bases. Truth be told, I actually chose this set specifically for this awesome base. Lots of cool detail without changing the profile of the model with a large pedestal. I used some Americana Triple Thick varnish to make the inky sewage in the sewers.

The lovely blue colour on the arm bit is painted using the airbrush and Vallejo Game Color Falcon Turquoise. The little splatters of blood (which I tried not to overdo) are done using Tamiya Clear Red. The rusty metal is a bunch of stippling and washes. The other metal is a mixture of washes, blends and edge highlights. If there is interest, I could do some tutorials on them. None were too difficult.
You can see the True Metallic Metal on the leg blades here.

I've started using Vallejo Model Air Silver as the lightest highlight on steel metals. It is great. It is nice and thin consistency for edge painting. Many of the Vallejo metals seem too thick to me. The silver is great for the final highlight.

As always, thanks for visiting. If you are interested in the Firestorm and the City, check out post 1 and post 2. Check back in a week for details on the first mission. If you are interested in more Malifaux fun, be sure to stop by again in the coming weeks for more spiders, Joss, Ramos, and more friends. See you later!


  1. Very nice model. I keep meaning to pick up one for pulp gaming

    1. Thanks Paul. It is a great model. I'd highly recommend it.


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