Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Malifaux Steam Arachnids

After a demo game of Malifaux at Attack-X, I have started painting a crew with these Steam Arachnids. I've purchased the Ramos starter box and I am slowly working my way through the models. In this post I will share some pictures of the first five Steam Arachnids and some pictures of some scrap counters.

I decided to start playing Malifaux a few years ago. I thought I might be able to convince my wife (girlfriend at the time) to play with me. We both picked a crew and half painted them. That was as far as it got. Fast forward to this year. After a few years of painting 15mm models I was drawn in by the fantastic plastic models Wyrd Games is releasing. I decided to paint a Ramos crew as I liked the metal and arachnid themes.

This time, I have registered in a Malifaux tournament at the start of November. I still have another 10 models or so to paint before the tournament. As a total noob I am planning to get completely destroyed. The tournament is part of the Foodhammer tournament that raises money for the Vancouver and Langley food banks.

I've assembled the Ramos M + SU starter box and started painting on all of the models. These Steam Arachnids are the first models completed for it. They are pretty simple models as they are mostly metal. I've always found metals challenging, so it was good to practice highlighting up the metal colours.

The bases for this crew are from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They are the Town Square line of bases. I painted the bases with the airbrush and then some fun wash techniques. I took some step by step pictures so I can upload a little tutorial if there is any interest in it. I may still add some leaves and grass to the bases when I get some darker coloured leaves.

I magnetized a few of the spiders. Steam Arachnids can also be arranged into swarms of three spiders. I magnetized the bases and the things I glued the spiders to so that I could swap some of the Steam Arachnids between the 30mm bases and the swarm 40mm bases.

I also made some scrap counters. I used these two to test some metal painting techniques. I tried Vallejo Model Color Verdigris. I wasn't happy with the effect so I didn't use it on the bases. The cobblestone is greenstuffed. The cogs and wheels are from a bag of steampunk watch bits I bought from an eBay retailer. The mesh is some brass mesh I bought to try for a schurzen conversion. The cables are from Dragon Forge. The rest is just little bits and junk I had in my bits box. I have 10 of them in total that I am painting while painting the metal on other models.

Next up for this crew, I have painted the Brass Arachnid and Howard Langston is nearing completion. I may also try to finish another Pak40 for a painting contest I would like to enter at Strategies Game Store in Vancouver. As always, comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting!


  1. These are gorgeous! Loving the metallics.

    1. Thanks Greg. I was sonewhat regretting picking a crew with so much metal. I find metal paints are tricky to thin and get a smooth basecoated with.

  2. I like these spiders very much. The blue accent colour really works well on the lenses and "engine glows".

    I've seen similar usage of the watch pieces to decorate bases before, but the selection you've utilised seems far more natural with their placement and colouring. I think Verdigris would ruin the effects you've gone for here.

    1. Thanks Dai. The plan for the crew is metal, rusty metal for an orangish accent, and the turquoise blue for a bright colour.

      I did a little verdigris on the scrap markers. It doesn't really work for the arachnids. I'd imagine Ramos takes good care of them!


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