Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Firestorm Caen: Turn 1 Recap

The results are in! I have the results for Turn 1 of Firestorm and the City! Allied forces have landed on the beaches of Normandy and established beachheads on Gold, Juno, and Sword Beaches. Allied Airbourne troops at Breville have landed and disrupted German reinforcements. For this turn we had a total of 37 battles. Read on for the full results of turn 1 of the Firestorm: Caen online campaign.

Turn 1 saw 37 battles between players on 3 continents. All of the Turn 1 details can be found here. So far, we have had players from Canada, New Zealand, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, and other countries. Allied forces pulled out narrow victories on Gold Beach, Juno Beach, and in Breville. The Axis forces had a decisive victory on Sword Beach.

Campaign map at the end of turn 1.

Breville: Allied 4-3 Victory
Allied Forces led by Captain Damian C. (Allied man of the match!) made a successful airlanding in Breville. Allied Airbourne troops achieved a 4-3 victory over 10 games in the Breville region. The Axis forces were lead by the daring counterattacks of Steve S. The Allied success in the region resulted in the Allied Airbourne Firestorm troops remaining in play.
An awesome photo from Rob T. at Breville.
Photo from Bernard H.
Gold Beach: Allied 4-3 Victory
Allied forces at Gold Beach struggled through stiff German resistance to secure a beachhead. The Allied forces were lead by the daring leadership of General D. Sydenham. Allied forces managed to secure the beach with a 4-3 victory. Firestorm troops have unloaded onto the beach but were unable to make any further attacks. You can see more of this battle over at Breakthrough Assault where Adam and Winner Dave have battled it out (Check of Breakthrough Assault for their amazing content and podcasts). Battlefield Crete has another great battle report.
Photo from Rob T.

Juno Beach: Allied 4-3 Victory
Friend of the blog, Dai, has an excellent AAR over on his blog The Lost, The Damned and The Stunted. Allied forces assaulted the fortified German positions to achieve a 4-3 victory. Cameron B. was the top Allied general and Andy H. was the top Axis general. As with Gold Beach, Firestorm troops successfully landed on the beach but were unable to press the attack.

An awesome beach board by Benny C.

Sword Beach: 5-2 Axis Victory
On Sword Beach German defenses were strong enough to slow down the Allied assault. After assaults from 6 Allied generals, Allied forces managed to create a beachhead due to the work of Rich B. and Phil P. The German resistance was lead by the 6-1 victories of Luke P. and Rick D. The Allied forces suffered frightful losses in the assault of Sword Beach. The tank brigade was destroyed in the assault and only the infantry division managed to establish itself on the beach. The Germans gained 10 victory points by capturing the tank brigade and the Allies were unable to expand their bridgehead. You can read more about the battle on Theory of PhillusThere's another battle report on Spearhead 1944.

Philip P.'s photo

Another great pictures. Can't remember who this one came from. 
Photo from Nolan K.
At the end of the turn I did a draw for the first prize. Battlefront has provided four plastic platoon boxes for four lucky participants in the campaign. Each full turn I will draw one winner. The winner of the first platoon box is Benjamin E. I'll send you an email for how to collect your prize.

Tomorrow evening I will have a post out with all of the details for the first part of Turn 2!


  1. Fantastic job Cameron, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Dave. I enjoyed your AAR. Return of the FJ.

  2. Oh man, I can't believe I won something! I'll have to step up my painting so that I can re-pay y'all with a full-blown, picture-loaded battle report for Turn 2!

    1. Ha-ha, yes. We expect to see them on the table :-P

  3. My Canadians are itching to play some more games! Thank you so much Cameron for allowing us to play! I think we may encounter some units from the 21st Panzer Division next.....

    1. The new turn info will be up this afternoon! Intelligence reports show there may or may not be a column from 21st pz div marching on Sword beach.

    2. Well, we might just have to send a force to breakthrough to Sword! We Canadians are up for a fight. How about C Squadron of the Sherwood Fusiliers?

  4. Very nicely done. Seems all is going well so far. My Canadians need to redeem themselves though...

    1. Maybe stem the German counterattack at Sword Beach?

    2. I think I'll give that a go, yes.

      Don't hold your breath though. :P

  5. Replies
    1. Hopefully you can get a game in at some point in the campaign!


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