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Firestorm Caen: Turn 2A

In this post I post the details for the first part of Turn 2 for the Firestorm: Caen campaign. Turn 1 saw a decisive Allied victory as Allied forces won victories in 3 out of 4 sectors. In Turn 2 the Allied forces are attacking into Bayeux while the German forces are launching a desperate assault on Sword Beach.

Remembrance Day
Today, I'd like to take a moment to recognize Remembrance Day. This game has brought me a deeper understanding of the history and impact of war. It has prompted me to learn more about the history of armed conflicts and to learn more about veterans and the people impacted by past wars. In recognition of this day, I have made a small donation to the Canadian chapter of Wounded Warriors. I hope that everyone participating in this campaign will take a moment today to recognize the sacrifices of veterans and civilians affected by war.

Firestorm: Caen Turn 2

TURN 2 RESULTS: Sent to me by Tuesday, November 17th

You can see the results from Turn 1 here and the set-up for Turn 1 here. In this turn the Allied forces at Gold Beach are launching a bold attack on the region around Bayeux. The German forces have launched a counterattack at Sword Beach with the 21st Panzer Division in a desperate attempt to destroy the Allied Beachhead.

Game 1: Counterattack of the 21st Panzer Division
Following the fierce German resistance on Sword Beach, German High Command has committed the 21st Panzer Division in a desperate bid to throw the Allies back into the ocean. Allied Commanders, your job is to secure the beachhead! Ensure that the Mulberry Harbours at Sword Beach are protected so we can continue unloading materiel and men onto the mainland. Axis commanders, commit your forces to throw the Allied forces back into the sea.

Mission: Counterattack
Attacker: As per mission
Allied Firestorm Troops: 3 Infantry Division-CT Rifle platoon with Command Rifle/MG, 6 Rifle/MG teams, 1 Piat team, 1 light mortar (all have sticky bombs) (or 100 points)
Naval Gunfire Support with ground observer (I would recommend downgrading to AT 5 FP 2+)
German Firestorm Troops: 21 Beute Stug-3 CV 7.5 cm (Sf) 39H (or 200 points)

Game 2: Battle of Bayeux
After the Allied success at Gold Beach, Monty has launched an Allied assault from the Southern flank of the British beachhead. Allied commanders want to strike fast to protect the British beachhead and to stave off the encroaching American forces further South. Allied commanders have lent you the support of the infamous Desert Rats of the 7th Armoured Division and the reliable 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division to aid your attack. Unbeknownst to the Allied attackers, German forces have been reinforced with the German counterattacking force. A platoon of mighty Panthers from the elite Panzer Lehr Division have reinforced the area around Bayeux. Along with Minefields and machine gun nests, it will be tough going for the Allied forces.

Mission: Dust-Up
Attacker: As per mission
Allied Firestorm Troops: 50th Northumbrian Infantry Division-CV Rifle platoon with Command Rifle/MG, 6 Rifle/MG teams, 1 Piat team, 1 light mortar (all have sticky bombs) (or 100 points)
7th Armoured Division-RV 3 Cromwell and 1 Firefly with Cautious not stupid (300 points)
German Firestorm Troops: Lehr Panthers-2 CV Panther As (350)
Variable Infantry 2-1 HMG nest and 2 minefields (or 100 points)

Everyone was really great at sending in their results in the requested format last time. Remember to submit your results using the form below and email it to Please send in results by Tuesday, November 17th.

Game Location:
Allied player name:
Axis player name:
Allied points:
Axis points:


  1. Hi...

    For Game 1 Firestorm troops says OR ... 3'rd ID Infantry OR NFGS...
    But Game 2 for Firestorm troops says AND... 50'th ID Infantry AND 7'th AD Tanks...
    Do we can use both of them or only one?

    Can we get quick answer fot that, because need tp play game on Saturday, and need to prepare for play...

    Thanks in adwance

    1. Game 1 is OR to keep the allied and axis sides roughly balanced. Game 2 is AND so both sides have 2 FS troops.

  2. Just finished my own battle report on Please forgive that some of our stuff isn't fully painted, it's a work in progress.

    1. Great job! Painting is always an ongoing challenge. Don't worry too much about it.


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