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Firestorm: Caen Turn 2b

This week saw the conclusion of Turn 2a in the online Firestorm: Caen campaign. In this post I will outline a brief recap of turn 2a. I will also post the battles for turn 2b. Turn 2 was split into two sections. Turn 1 had an extra battle to resolve at Sword Beach and an extra battle was triggered in Villers Bocage by the events in the Battle of Bayeux. You can see the battle outlines for Turn 2a here.

Turn 2A Recap
Some AARs from campaigners. If I missed you, post a link in the comments!
Omega Flames of War AAR
1059th Cadian AAR

Diceman Rick's AAR

Battle of Bayeux
The Battle of Bayeux was resolved through 15 games. The final results saw the Allies with a sizable 56-45 lead in victory points. The Allies captured Bayeux and exploited the Caumont Gap to capture B-1 and launch an attack at Villers Bocage. The top axis general was Morgan and the top Allied general was Adam P (sorry for the mix up previously). 

Sword Beach Counterattack
The attack of the 21st Panzer Division at Sword Beach was resolved through 10 games. The Allied forces successfully held off the Axis attackers with a 38-32 lead in victory points. The top Allied generals were Lachlan, Glen, and Jim. The top Axis general was actually myself (in a traitorous turn of events). 

Turn 2 also featured a mini tournament day at Drexoll Games in Vancouver, Canada. Some of their pictures are featured here. If you have a multi game event, send me an email and I can have a set of games tied to the campaign for you.

Turn 2B battles

Game 1: Battle of Villers Bocage
Noticing a gap in the German lines, Allied high command has exploited the gap in the German lines known as the Caumont Gap to attack deep into German held territory. The 7th Armored Division, the infamous Desert Rats, are pressing the attack in the dense bocage of Villers Bocage. Meanwhile, German tank ace Michael Wittman is waiting in ambush...

Mission: Breakthrough
Terrain: Bocage
Attacker: As per mission

Allied Firestorm Troops: 7th Armoured Division-RV 3 Cromwells, 1 Firefly, Cautious not stupid (or 300 points)
German Firestorm Troops: 101 SS Tiger-1 FV Tiger 1 E Michael Wittman (See Atlantik Wall for Wittman special rules) (or 200 points)

Game 2: Attack from Juno Beach

Allied forces on Juno Beach have been successfully landing for days. As reinforcements pour in, the Allies launch an offensive into Bretteville L'orgueilleuse (B-3). The Canadian forces tasked for this mission are eager to prove they are the equal of any Commonwealth troops. In their way, the 12th SS Panzer Division has deployed a company of Panzer IVs. The Allies must contest with stiff German resistance and the natural fortifications of the dense bocage hedgerows. Can the Germans hold their objectives long enough to thwart the Allied attack?
*Note-This matchup is pretty tough for the Germans. Make sure both players are okay playing with the unbalanced troops. You can modify the FS troops to create equal forces if you prefer.

Mission: Fighting Withdrawal
Attacker: As per mission
Terrain: Bocage
Allied Firestorm Troops: 3 Candian Infantry Infantry Division-CT Rifle platoon with Command Rifle/MG, 6 Rifle/MG teams, 1 Piat team, 1 light mortar (all have sticky bombs) (Canadian) (or 100 points)
2 Canadian Armoured Division-CT 2 Shermans and 1 Firefly (Canadian) (or 200 points)
Limited Air Support Typhoons (or 150 points)

German Firestorm Troops:
12 SS Panzer IVs-3 FV Panzer IVs (or 250 points)
2 CT StugG or StugIV (or 100 points)

Game 3: Last Stand at Breville

After consolidating their forces after D-Day, the beleaguered British airborne troops at Breville face a swift counterattack from the battle hardened 2nd Panzer Division. Allied troops hold the shortest route to capturing Caen at Breville but lack the heavy support needed for facing veteran German panzers. These crack German troops are refitted after a long campaign on the Eastern Front. Can the British troops hold their ground and protect the fragile Allied Northern flank?

Mission: Pincer
Attacker: As per mission
Terrain: City or plains/farmland or river
Allied Firestorm Troops: 6 Airborne Division-FV Rifle platoon with Command Rifle/MG, 6 Rifle/MG teams, 1 Piat team (all have gammon bombs and section mortars) (or 200 points)
German Firestorm Troops: 2 Panzer Division-3 CV Panzer IVs (or 250 points)

Remember to send your results in the following format. Location is the campaign location!

Campaign Map Location:
Allied player name:
Axis player name:
Allied points:
Axis points:


  1. Just out of curiousity, do most of you players stick with a single army game after game, or do you switch things up from time to time? I've got piles of German Grenadiers, and loads of Panzer IVs, StuGs and Panthers, so I can field infantry And armored companies. Do you change your list type depending on what 'divisions' are involved? Or do you stick with what you know and love, and just add in the firestorm troops as nearby allies and units seconded to your command?

  2. Usually I bring forces for both sides as we never know who will show up for game night. Often I bring enough troops to vary the lists so don't just use one fixed force for all battles.

  3. I usually stick with a force for several months, only changing it slightly. I paint so slowly and I get attached the my most recently painted platoons. For the campaign I've been playing panzergrenadiers but may pkah allies if needed for a night in our local group.

  4. Hullo, Cameron - if time and opportunity allows, please would you bung me an email? My address is on my profile...

    Cheers, Mate.
    - D.

  5. I used Airborne Armoured Recce in turn 1, Guards Armoured in 2a and next battle is Breville so likely some other variation of my Paras, might take Commandos as support for a lol.

  6. I use my Polish 1st armoured (yes, they are a month early...) all the time - finally finished painting them, and as someone else pointed out - one does get attached to the platoons after a while... but I do make some small adjustments from time to time. The biggest problem in the list is the lack of infantry, and my opponent is a hell of a player with lots of veteran infantry with Stugs and Pak40's.
    By the way, I hate Stugs (if they are not on my side). Lost the battle yesterday, even though it was a close call...

  7. A week late, but I finished my write-up, haha.

    1. This comment got caught in the spam filter. It's up now!


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