Thursday, November 26, 2015

Malifaux: Electric Creation

I recently painted the electric creation for my Ramos Malifaux crew. This model is the newest addition to my crew. This is a plastic model. It was tough to assemble but fun to paint. In this post I will share some pictures of the model and will discuss how I plan to use the model in games.

This model was a lot of fun to paint. It was pretty tricky to assemble though. The model is 13 individual pieces. I didn't like how the model say in the default pose so I cut off and repositioned the legs. I sculpted a base so that it looked like the electric creation was coming out of a drain in the street. I also trimmed down the electric lightning at the top of the model as I thought it was a little silly.

This model was interesting to paint. I airbrushed a bit of a fade down the legs of the model. The rest of the model was painted similarly to the rest of my crew. I've been really enjoying painting these Malifaux models. They have lots of interesting details that take paint really well.

In games, the Electric Creation has one main job. It is a good source of turn 1 scrap for Ramos to summon spiders from. Sadly, this means it is removed on turn 1. Once the Mechanical Rider is painted I can summon the Electric Creation with the rider. Sadly, I don't see too much utility even as a summon as it will explode once activated. It might be fun to leave sitting around near a scheme marker. I'd love to hear if other people have more experience successfully using it.

As always, thanks for visiting my corner of the interwebs. Check back soon for some Flames of War campaign updates, some painted Hungarian tanks, and more progress on my Ramos crew. Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated as always.


  1. I've never seen this sculpt before, though I like how interesting and different it is. Are the blue tentacles supposed to look like they are electrified? If so I think perhaps a bit more highlight on the lighter blue might show this effect better. The basing though is fantastic and it does indeed look like it's coming out of the water. You should offer us a group shot sometime soon I'm sure that everything is almost finished right? I'm looking forward to the flames of war update cheers mate.

    1. Thanks dai. Tentacles aren't supposed to look electrified, just fading through the blue colour. I couldn't think of another colour I wanted to do the tentacles in.

      I'll post a group shot when the last two are done! I have a few different flames models on the way.


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