Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Malifaux: Joss

I've finished painting Joss for my M and SU crew for Malifaux. Joss is a henchman in Ramos' crew. This model was lots of fun to paint. In this post I'll share some pictures of the finished model.

I painted Joss up as part of Wyrd Miniature's M and SU crew box. He is Ramos' right hand man. The model is a plastic model. The model assembled fairly easily. The only challenge was fitting some of the small cables. This model had lots of great detail to paint up. The detail was well defined and easy to paint.

I've been having challenges translating my 15mm skin recipe into a larger scale. For this model I used the same mix as my 15mm models (Vallejo Game Color Tan and Dwarf Skin with White highlights mixed in). My only change was using more layers and thinning my paints more than usual. I think the skin was about 7 or so layers. I think I need to improve my blending at this scale with more 2 brush blending on skin and cloth.

I had fun working on painting True Metallic Metals on the main metal areas. The axe is the best example of this. I'm still definitly learning how to improve this method but I like how the large metal surfaces on the axe have more depth. I used Vallejo smoke to blend in lots of shadows on the metal areas and Vallejo Model Air Silver for the lightest highlight (lovely paint!).

This crew is nearly finished now. I have Ramos and an Electric Creation almost completed. After that I have some more Steam Arachnids, Johan, and the Mechanical Rider to complete for the basic Arcanist crew to be complete. Check back next week for some pictures of Ramos and the Electric Creation.

For those of you in the Firestorm campaign, remember to submit your results by Monday, November 9th! Thanks for visiting. I know most of the visitors to this blog are used to lots of 15mm content but your comments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated.

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