Monday, November 9, 2015

Malifaux: Ramos

I am often paralyzed with painting models like these. Masters, Generals, Lords, Bosses, and other important models are often intimidating to me. I want them to be the best painted models in my force and I become afraid of making a mistake. This model is the epitome of this perfection paralysis for me. I was intimidated by the big areas of cloth and trying to make a fairly plain model stand out among a crew of steampunk cyborgs. Read on for some pictures of a fully painted Ramos.

After all the prevaricating, I always try to remember that even a poor paint job will look better than a bare plastic model. Even while painting a model, I am often not sure how well everything will tie together. While half way through the skin and the grey I considered completely repainting the model. I ended up sticking with it and I am mostly pleased with how the model turned out.

The large sections of grey cloth were challenging for me. Initially I airbrushed the shadows. They weren't as deep as I wanted though so I brush painted the grey instead. I used some 2 brush blending on the shadows before switching to lighter grey layering for the highlights. I'm pleased with the grey but I would like to improve my blending skills to get seamless transitions. Eliminating the look of layers is something I have struggled with for a long time.

I really enjoyed painting the pants on this model. I experimented with mixing some blue and black into the brown basecoat to add some deeper shadows on the model. It was fun. It's also a lot of fun to try painting the cloth areas with more realistic folds than on 15mm models.

I tried to paint a little source lighting around the light on the spider in Ramos' hand. I tried not to overdo it though.

I experimented with some different photo backgrounds too and editing in Photoshop instead of Apple Photos.

Ramos is the master for my M and SU crew. With this model, I have finished the basic Ramos crew box (minus 1 steam arachnid...). I still have another few models I want to add to provide a few more options. I have some more steam arachnids, Johan, Electric Creation, and the Mechanical Rider all in varying stages from base coated to unassembled.

That's it for this small update. Now I have a functional crew, I need to get a few games in with them! I wasn't able to attend a tournament this weekend and so I am hoping to get into a tournament in the New Year. As always, thanks for visiting. Your comments are greatly appreciated

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