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Firestorm Caen: Turn 3 Recap

Hello fellow campaigners! Today I have the recap of the Turn 3 results for the Firestorm: Caen campaign. This turn featured fierce fightings across Normandy. Players from around the world completed 41 battles over the 6 different campaign locations. The Allies need to expand their beachheads to bring their superior numbers to bear,. The German forces are threatening the beachheads while also trying to surround the overstretched Allied forces in the South. Read on for the outcome of this turn.

This turn had a total of 41 battles fought in the 6 different campaign locations. To date, players have completed 143 games in the campaign! Total campaign battle victory points are very close with the Allies holding a slight 500-495 lead. A summary of the turn results is shown in the graph below. You can see the set up for turn 3 here. The pictures from this game are taken from email submissions, group facebook pictures, and twitter submissions.

After Action Reports
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Dejean M.

The 11th Armoured Division lead the British troops in the breakout from the beachhead at the start of Operation Epsom. Allied forces fought through touch defenses to establish a 33-30 margin of victory. 9 total games were played in this sector. The top Allied general was Admiral Drax, with a convincing victory in his Bolt Action game. The top Axis generals were Henning G, Scott M, Berhahrd H, and Morgan L. The German firestorm troops retreated from the battle but the 11th Armoured Division was sent back for refitting (Firestorm troop destroyed). The battle resulted in the Allies finally capturing Bretteville.

Photo by Rob T.

Photo by Scott M.
Allied forces on Sword Beach launched a desperate assault on Epron to try to expand the beachhead. After the loss of Breville, Allied forces desparately needed room to land more Firestorm troops. Unfortunately, the German forces led by Morgan L and Scott M had other ideas. The Germans won over 5 games with a 23-12 edge in victory points. The top Allied general was George K. The Firestorm troops were not destroyed and the Allies did not capture Epron.

Rich B.

Rob T.
Southern Flank
8 games were played on the Southern Flank. German troops attacked into B-1 for a convincing 32-21 victory. The top Allied general was Bill H and the top Axis generals were Jonathan D and Ray O'C. The German victory cut off and surrounded the Allied troops at Villers Bocage.

Scott M

Scott Mc
Villers Bocage
After the stunning Allied victories on the Southern Flank in turn 2, the German forces in the area attacked to recapture the lost ground at Villers Bocage. Even the addition of tank ace, Michael Wittman, was not enough for the Allied forces. The Allies won the battle over 5 games with a 25-10 edge in victory points. The top Allied general was Dan C. with a 7-0 victory. The top Axis general was George K with just a 4-3 victory. As a result of the action, Tiger Ace Michael Wittman and the 101st SS Schwere Panzer were destroyed.

Scott Mc.

Scott vs. Kip.
Sword Beach
German forces attacked again at Sword Beach in an attempt to cut off the Allied beachhead. The German forces achieved a 31-25 victory over 8 games. The top Allied general was Thomas F and the top Axis generals were Sander T, Morgan L, and Scott Mc.

Henning F.

Henning F.

Gold Beach
At Gold Beach, the Allies tried again to expand their beachhead by attacking into B-2. The Germans deployed their emergency reserves in an attempt to stop the losses. Allied forces achieved a 25-17 victory in 6 games. No Firestorm troops were destroyed but the Allied troops did advance into B-2. The top Allies were Jim N and Jedd G. The top Axis general was Glen T.


Morgan L.

Thanks to all participants for submitting their results. It seems like there have been lots of fun and fantastic narrative games happening around the world. It has been great to see all of the enthusiasm. Turn 4 instructions will be posted in the next day or two. 2 turns to go! Happy Holidays everyone!


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