Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hungarian Flames of War Commission

In this post I will share some pictures of a large Hungarian commission I have recently painted. I painted 10 Zyrini, 3 Toldi tanks, 3 Csaba armoured cars, and 4 Italian tankettes. The models are all from Battlefront for Flames of War. All models were painted with panel highlighting. This post will show some pictures of the completed platoons and a picture of the group.

This week has been really busy. Instead of lots of text I will just share some pictures of the completed models and some comments below each picture.

The commission was for 10 Zyrini's in total.

The Zyrini's included a company commander and 2iC that I painted in the blue tanker uniform.

Models were painted with panel highlighting due to the rivets and big flat panels.

I like the guy just poking out.

The air recognition decals on the engine decks didn't fit so I made a little stencil and airbrushed them.

They are short little tanks. Love the breakthrough guns in games (well, not against me!).

The Csaba armoured cars are pretty neat. I've always had a soft spot for wheeled recce.

Some little tankettes. I believe they are of Italian origin. They were all metal models and are tiny.

The Toldi's were my favourite to paint. Nice and clean casts to paint. 

I love me some light tanks.

The edge highlights help them to pop a little. Otherwise, green can be a little drab on the tabletop.
Here's the finished lot. My cell phone lightened them too much. The pictures above are more accurate for darkness of the green.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this project. Your feedback and thoughts would be appreciated. Remember to send in your Turn 5 campaign results by Monday, February 1st. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Nice work the client will be pleased .
    Regards Gavin .

  2. Those look really nice. The panel shading works very well with these, especially the Zrinyis.

    1. They are quit different to paint with the rivets and funny angles.

  3. Great looking army - uniform and professional!


    1. Thanks Troy. I airbrushed them all at the same time to make sure they were pretty uniform.

  4. Fantastic work mate. Shading is spot on and I bet this would be a fun force to play.

    1. Thanks Dai. Sadly not a force for me to play. That front armour 7 with breakthrough guns is deadly though. Infantry beware!


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