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Firestorm Caen: Turn 5 Results

February 1st saw the conclusion of the Firestorm: Caen online campaign. In this post, I will post up the results of the battles for Turn 5. Next week I will post up a conclusion and results for the overall campaign. This post will include the results for each of the eight battles and will show the impact at each location. Turn 5 saw a shocking change of fortune for one of the sides. Read on for the stunning conclusion of the campaign!

Turn 5 featured 8 battles in the Normandy countryside. The Allied forces had the majority of attacks as they attempted to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. This turn saw 31 total games played at the 8 campaign battle locations. Locally, we managed to get a game day in with eight players participating in 8 games. This turn saw a 116-100 points advantage for the Allies. Two Allied Firestorm troops were destroyed in the fighting.

Red shows the Allied attacks at the start of the turn.

Tilly Sur-Seulles
The Allied forces, led by Scott S, managed a slight 11-10 advantage in Tilly Sur-Seulles over three battles. The Allies managed to finally capture the critical location and link back up with the weary 7th Armoured Division trapped in Villers Bocage. The top Axis general was the notorious Glen T.

Photo of my FoW board form the Kamloops campaign day.
The German forces at Colombelles launched an attack into Epron to try and cut off the aggressive Allied forces attacking into Caen. Fortunately, the Allied rearguard managed to stop the attack with a decisive 13-8 victory over three battles. Again, the top Allied general was Scott S. The top Axis general was Richard.

More pictures from our campaign day. We had each table set up with Firestorm troops for one of the missions.
Caen West
After a month of bloody fighting, Allied troops finally managed to assault the D-Day objective of Caen. The city was fiercely defending by German generals Jeremy C. and Vladmir S., but the Allied forces led by Kelly A. managed to successfully capture the city North of the Odon River due to their 22-20 victory. The 6 battles saw the Allies finally capture half of Caen.

Glen's table for Caen West.
Caen North
Caen North was hotly contested with 10 battles fought through the suburbs of Caen. Allied generals Rob T., Cory, and Jim N. managed a 38-32 victory. The German forces in the area were led by Luke P. and Milan A. The 2 Canadian Infantry Division was set back to Britain for rest and refitting after the brutal house to house fighting in the city.

Richard set up a dense city table for our Caen campaign day. The river made a tough slog for attacking!

Embarrassed by the loss of the D-Day landing site, the Allied forces launched another attack to recapture the broken shell of Breville. Over 4 battles, the Axis forces managed to achieve a 15-12 victory thanks to the tireless work of Morgan L. George K. from Hawaii was the top Allied general. The 34 Tank Brigade was surrounded and destroyed in the action.

Morgan L.

Rich B.
Villers Bocage
Weary of the endless fighting over Villers Bocage, only a light skirmish between George K. and Kirby K. occurred in turn 5. George K. got the best of the encounter, keeping the 7th Armoured Division in the action until relief arrived through Tilly Sur-Seulles. The 7th Armoured Division survived four turns of vicious fighting around the war torn town of Villers Bocage.

Love these vignette photos from Milan A.

Bretteville L'Orguilleuse
Allied forces at Juno Beach advanced inland to recapture the lost ground at Bretteville. Facing only light resistance from Kirby K., George K. was able to defeat the German forces and link up with the assault force around Caen.

Milan A.
Hill 112
The Allied forces managed to achieve a 12-9 victory over the artillery batteries bombarding the area from the infamous Hill 112. The Allied forces were again led by Scott S., who was everywhere this turn. The German forces were led by Scott M., fresh off some needed rest and relaxation in Hawaii.

Game between Scott M. and Stefan.
After Action Reports
Once again, we were fortunate to have lots of contributions in various media forms on the interwebs.

Turn 5 Conclusion
The battles were close, but the Allies managed to achieve superiority in 7 out of 8 battles this turn! The Allied forces advanced and captured Tilly Sur-Seulles, Hill 112, Bretteville, and the Northern half of Caen. The Allied forces lost two Firestorm troops in their attacks. The Germans did not manage to capture any locations.

This was the final turn of the campaign. Check back early next week for the final victory points and conclusion of the campaign. Morgan L. has also kindly compiled all of the individual results to determine the top Generals for both the Allied and German players.


  1. Thanks for organising all this, it's been great to play these set games :) - Luke P.

    1. Glad you have enjoyed. It's been great to see so many people participate.

  2. Thanks from all the Pittsburgh guys for providing many enjoyable battles!

  3. Thanks, glad to hear you guys had a good time with it!

  4. Cheers for running this mate. Although we were only able to play a couple rounds, it was certainly fun to have goals to play toward.

    1. No problem, Dai. It has been fun to see people from some of the blogs I follow playing games for the campaign.

  5. Absolutely brilliant stuff! Thanks so much for all your hard work with this, Cameron!


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