Thursday, March 24, 2016

Malifaux Mechanical Doves

I've recently finished painting three Mechanical Doves from the Smoke & Mirrors box set for Malifaux. A painted these as I thought they would be a nice change from some of the more detailed and complex models I've been painting recently. These models are Colette's totems in Malifaux and can be used to give other models bonuses. The models are all plastic. Read on for some more pictures and a bonus preview of a project I am working on.

These little models were pretty fun to paint up. The models come with clear flying stands. I thought the stands were a little too bulky so I replaced them with paper clip wire as I found it less obtrusive. The models assembled pretty well but were fairly fiddly for such small models.

I painted the using my current standard oily metal technique that I've been using for all of my Malifaux models. I should make a little tutorial on how I do it. It is pretty quick and easy and has nice contrast (in my opinion). I've always found metals tricky to paint well and I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of them recently.

I've been working on my Iron Painter entry for round 1. The theme is "pretty in pink". No other directions were given. For my entry I decided to paint a mannequin standing back stage and looking into a mirror. I've included a picture of the base after I built it. I'll post finished pictures of the diorama on Monday once the competition entries have been submitted. The model was a lot of work to build and paint.

That;s all for this short entry. Check back next week for some pictures of my finished diorama. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Those are seriously cool! Really dig how they turned out, may have to try and track down some to use as tutelaries for my Thousand Sons!

    1. They are cool little models. I think they are only available in the full smoke and mirrors box unfortunately (6 other models). The older metal ones probably come in a blister pack.


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