Monday, April 18, 2016

Iron Painter: Doppleganger

In this post I will share some pictures of my round 2 entry for Wyrd's Iron Painter competition. The theme of this round was "Better off (un)dead". For this round I painted the plastic Doppleganger model for Malifaux mounted on a display base. This diorama is a little bit graphic. Click through to see the finished piece.

Better off?

The theme of Round 2 was "Better off (un)dead". For this round I was paired off against another forum user called Whirler in a bracket style elimination. In round 1, I luckily managed to finish 8th out of 156 submissions with my Mannequin entry. You can see all of the round 2 entries here. You can see Whirler's beautiful entry here.

My work on this model was delayed by some shipping and stock troubles. I only received the model 3 days before the final pictures had to be received. I assembled the model Thursday evening. I then built the base Friday evening. I did the final assembly Saturday morning and then primed and airbrushed the brick on Saturday evening. Sunday I did the rest of the painting, varnished, and photographed the model. Luckily I didn't have any major issues with varnish or paint on this model.

I built the base for this model out of Super Sculpey. I built the arch and base seperately and then glued it all together at the end. The legs on this model were really thin and so I could only superglue it to the base.

The painting for this model was fairly straight forward. It was fun to experiment with painting the exposed muscle. 

This model tells a specific story for me. The different parts of the diorama were chosen to tell that story. I realized while I was painting it that parts of it might be offensive or grotesque to some people but it was important for me to paint the model as it is. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. I'd be interested to hear what other interpretations there are for this little diorama.

As always, thanks for visiting. Your comments are appreciated as always.


  1. damn fine work going on here with these entries. I can actually see the grow in your style and skill with this one :) More experimenting sir!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Zab. I've actually been thinking about your post on dioramas and vertical space. I added the arch to add vertical interest.

      This contest has been really pushing me to try new things. I've been going out of my comfort zone with my painting. I'm really glad you can see progress.

      Next piece will have to have some larger areas to work on blending. No more spindly female models. They are tricky to paint!

  2. Beautifully done, man - that is amazing work for such a short time. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Mordian. The 2 week timeline really adds an extra element of difficulty. Especially if you need to get the models!

  3. Stunning piece! Very interesting to look at!

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  5. Glad Anonymous decided to comment and warn us about something we couldn't care about.... -__-

    But I digress.

    Your piece for this second round is interesting indeed. The composition is most interesting and more so after reading that you only had such a short amount of time to get it done before the deadline.

    I'll start by saying that I REALLY like this.

    And then I'll offer my opinions, for what they are worth. :)

    The blood stream doesn't match the muscles. It has a gloss sheen, yet the exposed flesh doesn't? Is this more to do with the character itself within the Wyrd setting (Of which I know next to nothing about, ashamedly.)? I am not sure if the same blood-effect used on the exposed muscle would look right or even look better than your lovely painted effort, but it was my first thought.

    Secondly, your blacks are getting better and better. Zab is very much on the dot - your work in general is showing improvement with every peice that you preview here.

    Thirdly, this is your blog mate. Post what you want and don't apologise. Especially when it's something so tame as this sculpt. :) I was hoping for nipples and more after reading your intro!

    1. Thanks for the detailed comment, Dai. I really appreciate getting such detailed feedback.

      I had thought about glossing the muscles too. The main reason I didn't is I was out of time! I matte varnished at 9pm and wanted to photograph that night. I was worried about a reaction with the laquer varnish curing under a gloss acrylic. I did want to add it for contrast though. I may go back and add it in now.

      It is a great compliment that you guys can see improvements. I worked really hard on the black to layer it without highlighting so much that it looked blue.

      The warning was because of the blood location. People can be touchy about those things. It was an important part of the piece for me, but I was worried about people being upset by it.

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  7. Just astonishing. Wow.

    Bloody good work.

    1. Thanks Drax. Sorry for the slow reply. Your comment got caught in the spam filter for some reason :-(


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