Sunday, May 8, 2016

Iron Painter: Mr. Tannen

Today I finished painting my diorama for round 3 of Wyrd's Iron Painter competition. For this round the theme was "Wyrd Science". I painted Mr. Tannen from the Malifaux range, looking through a telescope, into a star lit sky. I tried a lot of new techniques with this model and learned a lot while painting it. In this post I'll share some pictures of the diorama and some WIP pictures. Read on for more!

This was the third round of the Iron Painter competition. You can see my round 1 Mannequin here and my round 2 Doppelganger here. Last round I lost my match-up against Whirler and was demoted to the silver tier. Unfortunately, I ended up matched up with one of the highest scoring entrants who had also been bumped down into the silver tier. I haven't seen her entry yet, but I think I will be moving down a tier again this round! The quality of the entries is fantastic. You can see all of the entries here.

The composite image I submitted for my entry. It's really hard to figure out which pictures to put in and how to arrange them.
For this round I painted Mr. Tannen from Wyrd's Neverborn range for Malifaux. This was a lovely little model. The model was only 4 pieces to assemble. The pieces fit well together and there were almost no mold lines. The model had lots of nice detail to paint and has a lot of character.

The telescope is from a set called "Dungeon Decor" from Mega Miniatures. I lucked out with this piece. I told a friend what I was planning to paint and he pulled this out of his collection. See, it really pays to have a stash of random models!

The theme for this round was "Wyrd Science". There were a lot of Mad Scientist style entries. I wanted to show someone doing more Science and less sterotyped science. In the Wyrd fluff there is a section about a red comet that approaches and eventually hits the city. I wanted to tie this into my diorama. It's hard to see, but Tannen is holding a card as well. I painted this as a tarot card to kind of play on the Wyrd part of the science. He's a scientist, but has some superstitions as well.

The base for this model is made from insulation foam. I carved it out and added some layers. It's nice for making scenery with but it is hard to paint the detail really well due to some of the bubbles and texture in the foam. I think I will stick with plasticard, resin, plastic, and putty in the future.

I tried a few new things with painting this model. I tried non-metallic metal for the first time (with mixed results). I tried adding stripes to the shirt. I airbrushed the sky for this model. I experimented with painting brown brick. I also used some blueish grey to shade the shirt. I'm most pleased with the dark grey trousers. I was careful not to push the highlights too light like on my Johan and Joss models.

Well, that's another round in the books. 2 more rounds to go! These dioramas are very challenging but also quite rewarding. I feel like I'm improving my painting all the time but I also feel like my painting is nowhere near the level I want it to be. The painting of many of the entrants is truly phenomenal (Seriously, go check them out!).

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on this model. Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Lovely work once more sir. My only critique would be that the edge highlighting on your brickwork seems to me at least a little too extreme and bright? Or is this an effect to account for moon/comet/starlight?

    1. Thanks Dai. The bricks were lacking definition. I might have gone too light on the edge highlights. I agree and might tone them down next time.

  2. Nice idea, going with something like this. I like the simplicity, and that you tied it into the lore of the game. I can imagine the 'Mad Scientist' vibe would be very popular for this tier.

    1. Thanks Richard. There were some really creative takes on the theme too. An incredible botanist entry with some toxic fungus. I'm a bit worried now that my entry is not obvious enough on the theme.


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