Monday, August 29, 2016

Malifaux Mobile Toolkit

I recently finished painting the Mobile Toolkit for my Ramos crew. Read on for more pictures of the finished model and some discussion of the role it will play in my crew.

I've been wanting to add the mobile toolkit for a while but waited until it came out in plastic (and then waited until I found it at a store!). I've been wanting to add the mobile toolkit for a while. Ramos uses scrap to summon spiders. The most efficient way to start this process is to destroy a model on turn 1 with Joss to produce 2 scrap. Ramos then has scrap to summon off of for 2 turns. The mobile toolkit is the cheapest way to get this scrap at only 3 soulstones. Most games it'll be destroyed by the second activation of turn 2. The second use is to add some plus flips to something like Howard Langston to make him even more formidable.

This model was quick to assemble and paint. It's a neat little model with fairly dynamic little arms.

Be sure to visit again in a few days. I have the Guild starter set models and a Malifaux Raptor to showcase here as well. Thanks for visiting!


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    1. Thanks Greg. I thought about shading the Metallica more but it wasn't worth how hugely time consuming that is on bigger surfaces. Glad you like it.

  2. Awww, he's cute! Very well painted to boot and matches your other metallic characters very nicely. Surely a new group shot is in order now there's lots of new additions to highlight?

    1. Haha, yeah. I keep thinking I'll do a group shot when I add ________. And then find just another few things. I have a tournament next week and I'll take a group picture before or after. :-)

      I have too many metallic models in this group. They look cohesive but a bit boring together.


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