Sunday, September 18, 2016

Malifaux Metal Gamin

I painted these Metal Gamin for my Arcanist crews before Attack-X. I painted them as they are useful summons from the Mechanical Rider. I'd been putting off buying and painting these models for a while. Inspiration struck at the last second and I really enjoyed painting them. Read on for some more pictures.

My Wyrd Gencon order arrived two days before I had to leave for Attack-X. I was hoping to paint Miss Fire but didn't have enough time. Instead, I decided to paint the metal gamin. I assembled them on the Wednesday night and painted them on the Thursday.

I'd been putting off buying and painting these models for several months. I didn't really like the sculpt of the portly metal gamin. I don't mind these two though. Once I decided to try and paint a heated metal look I was much more interested in painting them.

These models are mostly for summoning by the Mechanical Rider. They lost hard to kill in an errata a few months ago. I still think they are useful as a cheap armor 2 summon. Magnetism is great if there are enemy constructs around.

I played around with different ways of taking photos with these models. The photos turned out better than some of my other recent ones. My camera is struggling to focus on the parts of more complex models though.

Anyways, thanks for visiting. I've got lots more painted models still to post up here when I get the time. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Very clever idea to bring some nice colour and contrast to what could be flat metal figures. Nice execution of technique


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